Summer 2017 So Far!

Uncle Dale & Glenda came from Swift Current, Saskatchewan to visit. They have a farm and don’t get away much it has been 6 years since I seen them last!

I can’t go in their house because they have stairs:(

Dale & Glenda

Aunty Donna from Unity, Saskatchewan came to visit too! I can not go to her house either because she has stairs! Courtney, Kaitlyn & Grant are my cousins but they didn’t come this time.

Aunty Donna

My Grandpa and his friend came to visit from Ontario. He is my Dad’s Dad. I have never been there! My Grandpa gave me earrings & a necklace that he bought at a greenhouse that I am wearing in this picture.




I got to go on a tour of Camp L.G. Barnes at Gull Lake, Alberta on Tuesday, July 25th.

I went on a swing with my wheelchair. I loved it!


I went on a boat ride and the boat had a ramp so it was easy for me to get on. It was very fun!


I went swimming in the lake and it was nice. They had a life jacket for me so I could float easier.


I asked my aide Kennedy if it was possible for me to go tubing. So she asked a lifeguard and I got to go! It was really AMAZING!


This summer has been busy with visiting family and going on tours. I can’t wait to see what the rest of summer holds!



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