Friends & Family Birthday Celebration

I went to The Canadian Brewhouse and celebrated by birthday with friends. The Canadian Brewhouse is fun but it is very hard for me to got there. The tables are all high or there is a step to get up into another level. There are only 2 tables I can sit at. The parking is very hard sometimes. The one handicapped parking spot isn’t wide enough for a side ramp, so we had to park in the Sobeys parking lot (in the rain). But I still had fun!

On Sunday my Mom took me too the Paint Pottery. There is a step into the building so we had to use my manual chair. The table was too high to get my knees all the way under and the bathroom isn’t wheelchair accessible. We did have fun though. I painted a birdhouse (with some help from my Mom). I liked to paint the top of my bird house because I could do it by myself! It was hard to do the front of the house because there was little places like flowers to paint. My Mom had to help me a lot.


We had a family supper and for dessert we had homemade chocolate/peanut butter cheesecake that my Mom made. It was very good.


My Mom made me moccasin boots for winter but it took to long so I got them for my birthday! I love them and can’t wait to wear them. They are my favorite color red and have my favorite butterfly on them. I also got an iPad cover it is blue with butterflies!


After cake and gifts we played Yahtzee. Yahtzee is my favorite game…. and I WON!



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