My 22nd Birthday Dean Brody Concert & A Trip to Banff

My parent’s took me to the Dean Brody Concert on Friday May 26th. It was so awesome! I loved it. You could see him so close.

dean brody parents

Dean Brody

On Monday June 5th my roommate Kat, my staff Jodhi and I went to Banff. The first day we went to downtown Banff and I went shopping. I bought my Mom a candle and my Dad chocolates. I bought gifts for my roommates; Janelle a stuffed animal,  Theresa a mug and Craig a shirt. I also bought myself a sweater! It was a good day.


On Tuesday June 6th in the morning we went to Johnston’s Canyon and hiked the canyon and saw the waterfall. It was hard for me because there was rock in the middle of the path and I couldn’t make it all of the way in my wheelchair. I loved seeing the waterfall.


In the afternoon we went to the Red Earth Spa. I got a facial and it was so nice! I got to wear a bath robe  and sandals. I layed on a bed and they put a hot cloth on my face. They massaged my feet and my head and it felt awesome! We went to a pool in the spa and went swimming. It was really nice and warm. I would recommend this to anyone! This was my favorite day!


We went to a cafe and I had a piece of cake for my birthday it was good.

When we were driving we saw Mountain Sheep on the side of the road. It was cool to see them!


Wednesday June 7th MY BIRTHDAY!!!! We went to the Discovery Wildlife Park in Innisfail. We saw bears and tigers. It was easy for me to get around.

I got a picture with a Beaver named Gus, Gus!


When we were driving the view was so pretty. I love the mountains. It looked like a picture.


My 22nd Birthday was pretty awesome!




One thought on “My 22nd Birthday Dean Brody Concert & A Trip to Banff

  1. Kevin says:

    Happy Birthday! I’m glad you had such a fun trip. Johnson Canyon is a beautiful hike, I have done it several times and send people there all the time. I hope you and your family are well. Say hi to all and give them each a hug. Except your dad, give him a punch in the guts for me, because that’s what I would do- just kidding. Love to you all.

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