A Busy Saturday

Summer went super fast. It is already feeling like fall here in Camrose. Last Saturday was super busy. Everyone in our group home went to the Brewhouse, this was the first weekend that Becca was here as she was away for a really long time. She was taking some schooling. We had to put two tables together because there were lots of us. I got to have a dessert, I had a bumble cake, it was pretty good it had whipped cream with it, but I asked for ice cream instead. It is better that way.



After our Brewhouse lunch we went to Walmart. Me, Theresa and Kat bought coconut facemasks. Coconut is my favorite scent. All night we watched the High School musical movies. It was very crazy, because I have never watched three movies in one night before. So we had a girls night in, with our facemasks and our movie marathon.


I am so excited for this new school year because we will be doing more presentations and this is almost my fourth year of doing presentations. Because we don’t have a swimming pool anymore, a group of CAFCL is going to join SingAbles which is a choir. I did drama in school but this will be very different for us to do. This is a brand new program in Camrose and I am super excited to learn. And everyone is going to it!





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