A little bit about me!

I love bright colors red,yellow, greens , blues etc! My family is  from Swift Current, Unity, Lloydminster  and Ontario! I have 3 Aunties, 5 Uncles and 8 cousins. ! My Uncles Dale and Gerald work on the farm that my mom grew up! My grandparents are in Lloydminster and Ontario so I don’t see them often!

My brothers are Luke and Joel. Joel is 24 and Luke is 18!  Joel is going to school at the U of A in Edmonton, Alberta! My brother Luke graduated from  Camrose Composite high school in 2016! He is hoping to go to school in fall 2017 for art studies! He is working at the theater in Camrose!

My school years were pretty good for the most part! I went to Chester Ronning , Charlie Killam and Camrose Composite High School!  I had a few aides that helped me though the years of school and Kandu summer camp!!  In grades 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 I had the same aide so I learned the same way and did my work same way! I used a computer called vantage to do my writing in English , social studies and science!

For my school works sheets my aide would send my work so I could just use my vantage to write as this was easier and faster for me!  The vantage cloud talk for me and could be hooked up to the computer!  That way I did my school work!

I couldn’t go outside and play with the other kids so I went to see my grade one teacher and we would visit!  We still keep in touch by emails and she sends me  cards and gifts for all holidays and birthdays!  She came to my 8th and 10th birthday parties!  I live life like everyone else! I like to party so we have 3 parties and 3 cakes for my birthdays!  My mom’s friend Rebecca makes cakes so I had a doll cake for my 8th birthday!   We would have my parties at her shop on my 17th and 18th!  For my teen birthday parties we would go bowling and my birthday parties in grade school we would have outdoor games like pin the earring on the doll! We would have indoor games too!  My cakes were brownies cakes, ice cream and blueberries cheesecake!  One cake fell on the floor so we had ice cream cake!

I live life like my brothers so that’s why I didn’t let my CP get in the way!


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