So, as you can tell I haven’t been writing for a while. But I’m back again doing my Blog!! It was the birthday bash at Rose Club. Rose Club is a group of people that plan events throughout the months. You get to pick the activities you want to do each month. So on September 15, we celebrated the all the September birthdays! Staff Derek brought his music so we could all dance!

birthday bash

Every October CAFCL has a Charity Auction to raise money to help fund the services they provide. You are invited to dress up and eat a beautiful meal prepared for you by the Camrose Casino this year. Every year has a different theme and this year’s theme was Super Heroes! Our tables were decorated with super hero socks and super hero pez dispensers to take home. There were so many people out donating to this good cause. My roommate and myself attended with my parents and sat together at a table. There were lots of speeches and auctioning off of prizes. I bid on some items, but I went home with nothing!! This is the first year I went home empty handed!

We picked up some Halloween crafts to decorate our house. We did some painting at our house and I carved a pumpkin with Nancy at Rose Club. I got to carve the pumpkin hand over hand and scoop out the guts! I like doing that every year. I decided to dress up as a nurse this year for Halloween. I got to attend two Halloween parties this year. The Rose Club had their party the weekend before Halloween and it was a fun dance party with a disco ball, which was very different. I have never been to  a party with a disco ball before.



Every Sunday I go home for a visit with my family. On this particular day, my parents taught me a new game. It’s called “King in the Corner”. I use a card holder for my cards that make it easier for me to play. There is a blue thing that holds some cards and you have to set it up with a black and red pattern of cards. You have red circles that go in the middle. The goal of the game is to make as many piles as possible starting with a king. This is a fun game and sometimes it takes me a bit to learn, but once I do it gets easier. This picture shows you who won!!!!!



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