Fun In Edmonton!

Saturday, January 19th

Rose Club went to Roger’s Place to a Oil King’s Game. I went in my van with Mary Anne, Monique & Nicole. Roger’s Place was very accessible for me. We got to park underground but we had to go outside and across the street to access the building. This was the first time I had ever been to a hockey game there usually I go to concerts! We had really good seats. I got to eat a Chocolate Brownie & ice cream with Mary Anne. The Oil Kings won the game 2-0 against the Calgary Hitmen. It was a great hockey game.

I have signed up for lots of Rose Club activities in February. We are going Mama Mia on the 10th I am very excited! I seen the movie and it was really good. Brian Dumont works at CAFCL and he is one of the Stars of the show.

Sunday, January 27th

This past Sunday I got to go Costco with my parents, my brother Joel and his girlfriend Ashley. We went to their place for supper, they live in an apartment and it has an elevator so I can go and visit my brother! After going to Costco we stopped by Save On Foods to by a Chocolate Cheesecake! Joel was mad at me because he bought me a new Brett Young CD but I had already bought it the day before!

jan 28 - brother joel and girlfriend

On Monday evening we go to the walking track with Special O.

I started going to a Women’s Course called Girl Power at CAFCL. We talk about how to handle our feelings and emotions. I really like it so far.

My parents bought a ramp for me to use at the Bowling Alley so I can use my electric chair to bowl. It is so nice. Every Wednesday I used to have to be in a manual wheelchair and had to wait for people to push me around because I had bowling that day. This has made my life so much better!

This weekend coming up I’m going to Wetaskiwin Swimming Pool. There pool is really nice and I get to go in the hot tub because it is a walk in hot tub.

Can’t my next week!



3 thoughts on “Fun In Edmonton!

  1. Breanna says:

    It was great meeting you Kelsey, I look forward to stopping by again for a visit and maybe making wands like we talked about. Your blog is wonderful! I will definitely keep reading it.
    Breanna (Mary Ann’s daughter)


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