It’s Summer!

On June 19th we celebrated my roommate Kat’s 27th birthday with the house. We ordered in Chinese Food from  Lucky Dragon and then had some chocolate cake with icing balloons! I got Kat some essential oils for her diffusers and some bath salts! I love celebrating with my friends.

On Saturday June 25 was the fundraiser for Special Olympics at Safeway! We made Root Beer, orange and purple pop Floats for $3!!


In the evening Theresa and I played games.


I painted my butterfly box I got for my birthday…what do you think?


On Thursday the 18th of July we went on a train ride at Stettler with a whole group of the people from CAFCL and Centra Cam! There were robbers on the train trying to rob us. It was cool they were on horses. We went to a hall for supper and had a bun, potato and roast beef and then we had chocolate and white cake for dessert! There was stores to shop at when you got off the train and I bought myself a butterfly wallet and some new lotion. I also bought a t-shirt on the train ride. They had a lift so I could get onto the train with my wheelchair that was soooo nice! I love it when things are ACCESSIBLE!

On Thursday July 11th, I got a massage from Amy at the old smith clinic! My staff Mary Ann helps me get undressed and Amy does the rest! She massages everything on my body and she gets me to roll on my side so she can get to my back! Amy uses oils and face cloths with warm water!! I go once a month and I LOVE it! Everyone should get a massage!


My mom and I went to Edmonton on July 15th to get fitted for new braces for my legs. If I don’t wear braces my feet will eventually point and I won’t be able to wear shoes. Here are some pictures of the person shaping my legs into the case for the braces!  I am able to bling out my new braces with cool butterfly stickers! I also picked purple Velcro belts to help my legs stay in place! I can’t wait for my new braces I am so excited. We have another 2 hour appointment in August and I will pick them up then. Make sure you check out my blog then to see them!



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