Another Few Weeks in Quarentine…

I bought a bath bomb kit to make my Mom a Mother’s Day gift. It was a fun gift to make.

Mother’s Day was really weird this year.  Mary Ann and I drove to my parent’s. Everyone was there Joel, Ashley, Luke, Mom & Dad. They stood the on deck and we visited, I stayed in the van. We social distanced for about an hour. It was really nice to see everyone. I really miss them. I hope this will go away really soon.

My roommates and staff went for a walk around Mirror Lake. It was really nice, the weather was great. I even had my picture taken sitting on the bench!

I have been using my mat to stretch out my body and work out. It seems to be helping an I like to do it.


I went Dr. Parson’s and he fixed me up. My back was really out and I am really happy I went to see him. Thank you Dr. Parson’s!

I colored a butterfly picture one afternoon just one of the things I do to pass the time during this corona virus.

I put away my own laundry….check it out!

Nicky my staff did gel nails on my fingers. They look like the yahtzee game and yahtzee is my FAVORITE game. They look just like I went to the salon. Nicky did a great job!

Nicky also did my hair and I think it looks great, with my butterfly clip.


I took my first selfie what do you think?!





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