September 2020…. jumps into fall…. crossing fingers for the lasting season of beautiful sunshine and beautiful leaf colours!

I have been doing a lot of homemade birthday presents for my whole family.

My oldest brother Joel wanted a painting done of a design of his own something to do with golfing.

Ashley wanted a painting of a river, mountain, trees and grass.

My dad wanted a guitar player Stevie Ray Vaughn.

My mom gave me 3 pictures to choose from and I made a picture of a beautiful sunset and flowers.

We couldn’t celebrate our birthdays because of COVID during the spring and summer birthdays. Now that I can go home to visit, we had a big birthday party last weekend.

Every fall we do family pictures in the backyard.

I got some bath salts, body wash and body cream from my brother Joel and Ashley. We ordered Skyway for supper and we had a Tuxedo cake from Costco! It was a very amazing day! I quite enjoyed myself with my family.

I have been enjoying reading sometimes in the afternoons and I just finished the book called Charlotte’s Web.

Once a month I get a massage from Amy! My favourite part is that she does my back! Amy just moved into a new building by A&W and it’s even more wheelchair friendly and accessible for me to get in. I would say everyone else should have a massage from Amy. She’s a super friendly and helpful person and I look forward to seeing her every month. Thanks so much!

This afternoon I made a birthday card for my Auntie Gail birthday!

Mary, Craig and I went walking downtown and we went to Jubilee Park. It’s hard for me get into the stores downtown with steps! Which makes it difficult for me to go shopping with my staff.

Friday afternoon and evening I was hanging out with my Mom and Dad. We went shopping and did some baking and cooking!

For supper we cooked popcorn chicken, potatoes, salad and French fries! We baked a zucchini chocolate cake with chocolate icing.

We went to Ricki’s shopping for Fall clothes and I got new shoes from Walmart! We also took my ring to get fixed!

This was my 1st shopping trip since COVID-19 so, it was very nice to get out of the house and get to the mall and Walmart! The shoes weren’t too bad, sometimes I have trouble getting shoes to fit over the braces but it wasn’t too bad today!

Saturday afternoon I spent my time colouring a tree with pineapples and lions with monkeys in the tree!

Sunday afternoon we put my summer clothes away and then we got winter and fall clothes in my closet.

My Auntie Gail got her birthday card from me today she facetimed me to tell me she loves it so much!

Becca and Kat and I walked in the valley with ! It was a beautiful day to walking in the valley with my friends!

On Sunday my Dad picked up A&W and Dairy Queen. My very 1st time getting a mushroom burger and fries. It was awesome!

I also had a Peanut Butter Reese cup blizzard for dessert and it’s a super duper special yummy dessert!

Monday was laundry day so here I am putting loads of laundry in the washer!

Monday I used my walker and did some laps around the house.

Tuesday evening we watched Little People Big World! We love the learning Chanel on TV.

I have been enjoying reading Stuart Little on Tuesday afternoon and it’s a wonderful book!

Anything interesting you want to tell me about your Fall so far?


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