November 2020! Getting ready for Christmas and getting into the Christmas mood! How are you getting ready for Christmas at your house?!

In, November we were decorating the house for Christmas and we made a Christmas ball for our bedroom doors. We decorated the house with wrapping paper for the pictures in the living room. We put some snowflakes on the windows and doors.

On a Sunday afternoon My Mom and I did a painting class on Facebook, it was a Christmas owl and Joel and Ashley joined us in the art class!

My brother Joel and Ashley bought a little puppy and named her Coco. She is a sweetheart and I look forward to meeting her. She’s a special girl, you couldn’t get an allergic reaction from her. My brother Joel is very allergic to dogs.

We celebrated Janelle’s birthday party and we played a game of passing balloons.

I got Janelle a stuffed animal, it’s a rainbow puppy dog, Theresa got her a stuffed animal grey dog, Craig got her few CDs! Kat got her a new toy. We got her a birthday card. Overall, it’s super duper special birthday. Janelle you are so special and so much more fun than I could imagine. Happy birthday.

I made my special friend Melanie a surprise birthday present and an thank you present for doing an amazing blog post on her journey with ITP and her twins. Melanie’s son hung it up on the wall.

We did Face masks and a watched Christmas Cinderella story on Netflix.

We wanted to make a tour of Christmas lights this evening, but the silver van had something wrong with it. So, we decided to stay in the house and watch Christmas movies.

Getting ready for Christmas! Making hot chocolate pudding with chocolate sauce and ice cream on top. My Mom sends out a family Christmas letter and I stick the stickers on the envelope. We also wrapped presents. We made Cherry/Saskatoon Crisp!

New Christmas present came in early today. Check out my new wheels! This one even leans back and it is so comfortable. It is way easier to sit in for the day!

Getting some snowflake nails done for the winter season! The final nail polish and snowflake stickers!

Theresa and I had a movie night with Dolly Parton’s Christmas On The Square! I would highly recommend this movie!

Signing agreement forms with CAFCL and Centra Cam. Every November Centra Cam and CAFCL have a meeting on what I want to accomplish in the new year. This year was short and sweet as I haven’t been to Centra Cam since March when COVID-19 came into the world! My goals are working on Kelsey’s Butterfly Lifestyle and staying healthy. Unfortunately, we aren’t doing inschool presentations again in spring, but we might be able to do something. This year we are working on my blog and making it more interesting and learning experiences with the interviews on different disabilities and diseases.

If anyone wants to be interviewed, let Kelsey or Cherilyn know!


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