Christmas 2020….wasn’t that bad at all!

The 1st weekend of December, Kathleen, Theresa , Craig and I made Christmas cards for the other teams with the Camrose Association For Community Living. We wanted to send joy and happiness to our friends this Christmas. On Saturday December 12, we had a FaceTime, Christmas exchange and turkey dinner with our friends from rose club.  Rebecca, ordered Christmas dinner from the Norsemen Inn! We had a zoom party, we played named that tune, from SingAble Ardelle was a special surprise to the party.  She and her husband had some Christmas songs to share. We also had a Christmas hunt in our house and Rebecca made clues and we had to go and look for Christmas stuff.

We also a Christmas dance party to end the night. 

Levi brought us door prizes and our Christmas exchange presents.  For the door prizes I got some Christmas movies, a Christmas blanket, kitty calendar and a mug. I gave my Christmas presents to my dad for his birthday which was December 17. I haven’t been able to go home on my usual Sunday afternoon but almost every day I get to FaceTime my parents.

On a Sunday I got to FaceTime my mom and we made sugar cookies to decorate Christmas Day! 

We also made homemade turtles.  Kelsey (my staff) and I have been enjoying reading Nancy Drew books! I enjoy colouring books in my spare time and I colour everything that I can put my hands on!

December 17 I went to see Dr. Parson’s my Chiropractor

To celebrate Dad’s Birthday we zoom called our Grandpa Raymond from Ontario and our Auntie Gail from Lloydminster and Joel and Ashley in Edmonton.

For Dad’s birthday cake we had a brownie cake with cream cheese icing on top

The kids got Dad a Jack for his birthday and my mom made Moccasins for his birthday.

Alex and I colour my hair red before Christmas

Coco got an early Christmas present. It’s a homemade jacket made by Grandma Sheila and Grandpa Mike!

Tonight, we had our roommates Christmas exchange!

I got a butterfly night lamp, a red blanket and a red hat. Some butterfly hair pins, 3 different nail polishes

We made candy canes cookies called peppermint meltaways.

Another FaceTime Sunday afternoon of Christmas baking

Christmas lights tour 2020

Red and golden nails are ready for Christmas Eve

We watched the Christmas Chronicle’s part two on Christmas Eve and we looked at Christmas lights

Christmas morning, we FaceTimed Joel and Ashley. I got a day planner, butterfly pjs , word search books, colouring book, markers, sweaters and moccasins.

After we opened the Christmas presents, we wrote in my day planner

Christmas afternoon we FaceTimed Joel and Ashley, we decided to decorate the Christmas cookies

We made hash brown casserole, fruit salad with ham and Mac and cheese casserole.

Covid Christmas wasn’t the trouble of holidays it’s was a very joyful Christmas 2020. I had a wonderful Christmas. I even enjoyed a Christmas Drink.

Taking down Christmas decorations on Boxing Day


Changed my feeding tube tonight. 2 times a year I change my tube. My birthday in June and at Christmas. It doesn’t hurt but it is uncomfortable. It takes about 15 minutes.

Helping with dusting

Colouring with new markers and colouring book, and making a meat pie

I hope you had an amazing Christmas! I wish you all the best in 2021.


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