January 2021~Learning new baking skills, getting a new bed and enjoying Disney + . What’s your January look like?

We had a game day with our roommates. We played the game trouble. In the early evening we watched Frozen two and then after supper we had Rose Club zoom radio at home. It was different music and then at the end we sang happy birthday to everyone in December. So, it reminds me of birthday bash but only at home. It was a fun thing to do. I appreciate Rose Club making fun activities that we can still do at home.

I got a colour by number for Christmas from Joel and Ashley. It took me only about two weeks to finish the colouring book.

After colouring books, we watched Freaky Friday on Disney plus. Rolling around on the mat while watching YouTube videos. We painted my fingernails; I like bright colours! We did a face mask and watched a Cinderella story.

We played name that tune with our friends from Rose Club in the evening. It’s nice to see our friends from Rose Club once again on Zoom.

Baking chocolate peanut butter M&M cookies, and colouring princesses! Inside of the book they had two pages of stickers to decorate the pictures. What a great Sunday afternoon with my Mom and Dad!

Spring cleaning before getting ready for my new bed!

We got a new fish named Red Fin!

Poured spices into jars and making a homemade lemon cake!

This morning I got my new bed. It can massage my body, put my head up, feet up and has lights under the bed.

Playing Yahtzee with Emma and Theresa. We had a movie day! Tyler got Disney + so we watched Frozen one and then watched the 1st Cars movie.

I really enjoyed the second Frozen movie better than the first Frozen movie because I felt it was good for all ages to watch. I thought the first one was kinda too childish for my age group. Then we watched Cars, and it was a really good movie as well.

I even got a phone call from Centra Cam today, it’s very nice to catch up with your co- workers in this strange place in the word right now! I can’t imagine what life would be like without phones or not being able to FaceTime call your family and friends in the times like this! I would have gone nuts for the 1st five months of COVID because I couldn’t go home every Sunday afternoon.

We saw the lights on Main Street and ice statues of a shoe, and dog and a horse! We also watched Last Song.

Learning how to make homemade bagels with Ashley and Joel! You fry your dough in olive oil and butter into a pan on the stovetop. I watched Joel and Ashley on Facetime and they walked me through it. It was lots of fun. The looked pretty good and they said they tasted good.

We watched A Star is Born it was also really good, you should watch it if you haven’t. Making energy bites, playing games and nails with Mom!

For Christmas, I got some bath salts, and some bath bombs from my auntie Gail! It’s smells really nice!

Making valentines cards! We made cards for the teams for love and happiness on Valentine’s Day!

Making buns and cinnamon buns!

I hope you have a good Valentine’s Day.

Love Kelsey


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