The month of activities in May 2021! Somewhat feeling normal again!

I made a happy anniversary card for my friend Nicole and her husband Kevin’s wedding anniversary on May 19.

For Mother’s Day weekend. We made signs with Rose Club on Zoom!  For Mother’s Day I helped with Mom’s garden and gave her the sign, Happy Mother’s Day!

I changed out my clothes and everything is summer and spring clothes. 

I love going on walks and going to the outdoor workout gym by the park! 

It’s been a super-duper stressful week as my Mom has been in hospital in Camrose. She needed knee surgery replacement on Monday.

My special friend Teresa had her birthday last week on Wednesday and I mailed her a birthday card. This is probably my favourite picture of Teresa and myself.

We watched the high school musicals on Disney + and I love the High school musical 2 which is in the summertime.

We had another school presentation today; everyone was at their houses, so they had little boxes of people on the computer screen!  It went very well! Thank you to the Mrs. Calhoon’s OLMP Grade 5 class for having me.

So, for my roommate Craig’s birthday we played block buster charades! Happy birthday Craig! I gave him a subway gift card for his birthday! We had take out for supper and his Mom made black forest cake! 

We had bingo spring with rose club! We all got a bingo! We got to get bingo prizes!

My hair was purple around Easter and it’s slowly getting back to normal colour!

Saturday night we watched the perfect date! What a good movie!

Saturday afternoon… we went walking around the house in my walker. It’s felt so good to walk after a week of being sick! We played Yahtzee and I got Yahtzee! I was spring cleaning my markers and threw out some! Emma did my fingernails red and blue!

On Saturday night we had birthday bash with rose club! I had some more chocolate cheesecake!

Sunday afternoon of cooking. Making rhubarb crisp and making meat balls with potatoes and green beans!  We got some meals from Good Food and you get everything precut and everything else is inside the bags! All you need to do is make your meals and cook!  Super duper easy and so much fun with good taste!  This was huge help while my mom is recovering from her knee replacement! 

Replanting sunflowers


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