June 2021- Summer is in the air! Looking forward to a fresh new start

Around my birthday, my Mom changes my feeding tube. I lean my wheelchair back and I make my dad hold my hand because changing the feeding tube is kinda uncomfortable and I don’t enjoy it very much! Good thing it’s only two times a year or unless it falls out.

My birthday was June 7. In the morning I got up to balloons, they were red, a happy birthday balloon, and a flower purple balloon! In the early afternoon I got to open some of my birthday presents from my roommates! I got hair dye, pictures in pictures frames and some smelly bulbs for my butterfly night light, some bath bombs and lights and you make words with the letters.

I went to my parent’s house for my birthday supper and homemade ice cream cake. Joel, Ashley and I did face masks! My Mom’s friends surprised me and dropped by and sang happy birthday and gave me Red flowers! Joel and Ashley got me the Twilight books! My Mom and Dad got me some new bed sheets and a bigger weighted blanket for my bed, and some red shorts! My Auntie Gail got me a K necklace for my birthday! It was a good day!

We painted bird houses and we gave them to our secret senior! I finished my colouring book in four days. It had 30 colour by number and 30 colouring pages!

For Father’s Day Rose Club did a paint pottery activity. I made a whale and a Dad sign for my Dad for Father’s Day! For Father’s Day the whole family put up our swimming pool in the backyard, we played bocce ball with Dad while Mom took Coco for a walk, and we had two games of Yahtzee! My Mom finally finished my birthday present, she made me summer moccasins with sunflowers, which I love.

My friend Kirsten had a baby boy named Alex and we got to FaceTime with her and meet her baby! She used to work at the Kandu Camp that I used to go to and now she’s moved to Edmonton, got married and had a baby in December!

My friend Emily from high school came to visit me with her baby girl Brielle, we visited for 1 ½ hours. I bought her baby girl some t- shirts and a yellow dress which Emily loved!

Rose Club had a scavenger hunt and we had pages of pictures that we had to find. We saw a bull and a baby cow! We had to find a golf cart and I got to sit in one (my very 1st time sitting in a golf chart!) We also went to the park with the spaceship! We went to the spray park, and we needed to get a group picture of our house, but I can’t really put other people in my blog, so it’s just got a picture of myself at the new spray park. We are super excited about everything reopening on the 1st!

Mom and I enjoying the pool!


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