July 2021 ! Summer with better and beautiful things

For Canada Day we went to the pool and hockey rink area where they were playing music and hanging out, ball, water bottles and freezes! By the glass area there were some booths of Canada Day stuff! In the afternoon we watched two movies. One was 5 feet apart and a girly movie! There were amazing fireworks in the evening!

On July 3 was our mom’s birthday so I surprised her with a ice cappuccino and a birthday card! We celebrated her birthday on the Sunday! We gave her some jackets from Rickis! We had homemade ice cream cake with peppermint flavoured and chocolate mints!

Our brother Luke had his birthday the weekend after our Mom’s birthday! We gave art supplies for his birthday! We had brownie cake with cream cheese icing!

Sometime in July my friend Teresa lost her friend. So, now that I can actually get out of the house and I can go back to shopping again! I brought her a kitty stain glass for her window! I have been enjoying the outdoors and blowing bubbles on the deck!

We got prizes from Rose Club , which were some tie dye sets and we bought white t- shirts and tie dyed them!

When your Doctors can’t finger out your lower back pain and did everything that he could….. I went for physical therapy and she had said keep on moving! We thought it was my hip was out, but it wasn’t out of place! So, I have learned how to help myself with the pain! Do some workouts on the mat and walk in the walker!

Rose Club had another scavenger hunt and we had a wonderful time looking for items! We had to find a # 7 on a van! We had to look for a bench, bird and some thing with paws! We had to find a lawnmower and take a picture of it for the scavenger hunt!

I actually got to go to the new pool with Mary Ann and her grandson Dylan! I actually get into the hot tub because there’s a ramp for the hot tub!

One Saturday afternoon we went to the new Space Jam movie and I went to Cruella with my Mom on one Tuesday evening!

We went to watch the Snow Birds and it’s was an amazing show and an awesome experience!

I remember one summer I was able to go meet the Snow Birds!

My Mom and Dad have been babysitting Joel and Ashley’s puppy Coco! My Mom and I made a zucchini chocolate cake! I wasn’t hungry for cake though! Mom has a machine called save food, that you can seal up bags and we put the leftover zucchini into the bags!

Theresa and I got some face masks from Rose Club prizes from bingo or something! So we did our fingernails and we had face masks!

My Auntie Donna and my Mom came to visit me at my house and we played qwirkle!

My best friend Teresa mailed me ” thinking about you “presents! I got an hoodie, pants, homemade slippers that her mom Victoria made for me! It was a wonderful surprise, she also gave me a book where you put water into a pen and draw out the picture, once it’s dry, you have to start over! She sent me some stickers as well!


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