My friend Rebecca and her heart blockage…

Rebecca had heart palpitations and I was interested to interview her about her journey. We met at Camrose Community Church, and she was the Sunday school teacher! I remember when I was younger, she made me a doll cake for my 8th birthday party! When I was 16, she made two strawberry cheesecakes! For my 17-birthday party, we went to her shop after we went to the bowling alley. We were able to decorate cupcakes!  She also made me a graduation cake and she made (my brother Luke and my confirmation Cakes!  

Kelsey: How did you know something was wrong with your heart?  How did you feel?

Rebecca: I was having heart palpitations, I was tired, didn’t feel good.

Kelsey: Why did you need surgery?

Rebecca: The top and the bottom of my heart stopped communicating.

Kelsey: How did you feel after surgery, compared to before?

Rebecca: I felt really good after surgery, I couldn’t feel my heart beating funny. I thought I had carpal tunnel, after surgery my hands stopped going numb.

Kelsey: What was your recovery like?  How long did it take?

Rebecca: Recovery went well, I had to be off of work for 6 weeks.

Kelsey: What’s your advice for other people going through the same thing?

Rebecca: Be patient, recovery takes time.

Kelsey: How did your family react when they found out you needed surgery?

Rebecca: Louis and the kids were very worried, because it had to do with my heart and was so sudden. I was able to reassure them that I would be ok and feel much better.

Kelsey: What was your childhood like?  Do you have siblings?

Rebecca: My childhood was like everyone else’s. We played and went to school. I have one brother he is 3 years older than me.

Kelsey: Where did you grow up?

Rebecca: I was born in England and grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Kelsey: What countries have you lived in?

Rebecca: England, Germany, Canada

Kelsey: What’s your favourite memory of your mom and dad? 

Rebecca: Camping, picnics while going on bike rides.

Kelsey: How many kids do you have? What do they do?  Do you have grandkids?

Rebecca: 4 kids, Matt goes to school, Human Resources, Aiden is working in Marketing, Emily is working in Edmonton for a road construction company, John is a construction worker. 1 grandson Mason who is 13 years old, he lives in Regina.

Kelsey: What’s your job today?

Rebecca: I work for Canada Post

Kelsey: What other jobs have you had?

Rebecca: Sold furniture, baker, owned my own restaurant, waitress, catering

Kelsey: How did you get into baking and cooking?

Rebecca: It was something I could do while I was raising my family. I sold my baking at markets, then I opened my own shop.

Kelsey: What’s your hobbies? 

Rebecca: Crafting. Gardening. Baking.

Kelsey: How did you and I meet?

Rebecca: We met at church and we became great friends!

I hope you have learned something about this interview with Rebecca! I didn’t know about heart palpitations before I interviewed her! Rebecca is wonderful, hard working and loving, and a kind friend who I look up to and trust!  Thanks for your interview, Rebecca!

For more information about heart palpitations check out this website I found…

Rebecca had to receive a pacemaker. This is what I found on the internet…

A pacemaker is a small device that’s placed (implanted) in your chest to help control your heartbeat. It’s used to prevent your heart from beating too slowly. Implanting a pacemaker in your chest requires a surgical procedure.


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