Ashley and her Mental and Physical Health

How do you enjoy your dat at work?

I actually just started a new job and had to work from home for a week and a half of it due to Covid, so I can’t say for sure.. but I think I am really going to like it! I get to meet lots of new coworkers and families once I am better!

Do you enjoy going on daily walks and workouts?

I try to walk or workout several times each week, although it’s much harder when I am not feeling well or super busy. I love taking Coco for long walks around our neighbourhood and also really like swimming!

Do you have a base diet?

My diet changes a lot depending on how I am feeling, how busy we are, and if we are away on weekend.

If you have a bad day, what’s your tips on making it better?

I like to either go to the gym or take some time to read a book when I have had a bad day. Taking this time helps me forget about it and feel better!

How do you keep moving when you are sitting at the computer all day?

This can be hard for me! I do try to stand up and go for short walks, even if it is just to fill my water bottle or stretch.

Do you enjoy the company of friends at lunch time?

I do like seeing friends at lunch! I will miss that about my old job. Now that I work from home or will be driving around a lot, I don’t think I will get the same opportunity to spend lunch with my friends.

What’s it like with Covid around, was it hard on your physical health?

At the beginning of Covid when everything was shut down I definitely became less active. I was also working at my computer a lot more so I was moving a lot less. I think this did impact my physical health. I think I was actually sick less because I was seeing less people and doing less things, but I think that also negatively impact mental health, so it is really a balance. Now that I have Covid, it has definitely impacted my physical health. I have been very tired lately, even when I don’t do anything!

How does your physical health matter with your sleeping habits?

I need lots of sleep to feel healthy throughout my days! I make sure to keep a fairly consistent sleep routine to make sure I am getting enough rest.

How does your sleep actually effect your life and your day at work?

If I don’t sleep well I am less able to focus and become frustrated easily. I drink lots of coffee to keep me energized throughout the day!


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