Kelsey’s experience with COVID Pneumonia!

Me sick with COVID

1. What’s your 1st COVID symptoms?

I got a headache, sore throat and stuffy nose, with cough and a bad fever.  It was like a cold/ flu.

2. Did you get very sick?

Yes, I got COVID Pneumonia.  Mom had to take me to the ER twice.  I was on five different medications. I coughed almost constantly for over ten days, and sometimes I coughed so hard I threw up. After ten days I totally lost my voice.  It was gone for over a week.  I had to cancel five school presentations.

3. Were you vaccinated? 

Yes, I had the vaccine three times.

4. How long did you test positive for COVID?

I was tested after ten days and tested negative.

5. How long did it take you to recover?

I coughed for over two weeks, and lost my voice for a couple weeks, then I got an ear ache and had to get drops for fluid in my ear.  In total it was about a month. 

6. Should people get vaccinated for COVID?

Yes, even though I got the vaccine, If I wasn’t vaccinated for COVID I might have been even more sick than I was!  I think pneumonia was even worse than the COVID and I was really sick! I thought the hospital would have kept me in but they didn’t.  I would say go get vaccinated for COVID because it might save your life. 

Here is some information on COVID-19 Pneumonia I found…


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