Winter Wonderland

The last Tuesday night in October was n Halloween haunted house at the CRE and we invited Team Three.

The last Saturday night in October we watched dream works smoky cartoons movies. Which was actually pretty funny.

For the Halloween party at Centra Cam there was Halloween games and we had costumes parade in the hallway.  They had stuff in bowls that we had to guess what they were and feel with our hands. They had Halloween photos booth with face masks, and we had dance parties.  Their was a game called “sweep the pumpkin, and you raced against the guy from Comicon “Maverick”.  We had so much fun dancing, singing, making Halloween cards with our friends. For Halloween evening we went to swimming pool with special Olympics and then we had a Halloween themed birthday bash with Rose Club on Halloween night! 

Kelsey showed me that her baby girl Avery is fitting into the moccasins that my mom made for her! They fit her perfectly and she’s super cute in them. 

On Saturday morning my parent’s new table got finished and slowly started moving in the dining room and some chairs got slowly upstairs as well.   Later on, Saturday afternoon the table and chairs were absolutely perfect and got upstairs finally.   So, since September to November my parents have been working on their new kitchen table with the kitchen table chairs set. Everything is finally finished and looks perfect!  

On Saturday afternoon, I coloured some pictures of shoes, necklaces. There were some purple perfumes with some red, orange and purple chandeliers.  I also coloured some green and red mitts, red toque. I also coloured a purple skate. After I coloured, my friend Karlina and her fiancé Isaak came over and we played two games of Yahtzee! We had a wonderful visit!

On Sunday evening we celebrated our new table and chairs set with an yummy dinner of Greek chicken, Greek salad, potatoes and mom and I made cheesy biscuits.  My grandpa Ray and I made Hot Fudge Pudding for dessert. The final step of the kitchen is going to be the backsplash. Grandpa Ray and I played Yahtzee with mom, dad and Sandy. Sandy got three Yahtzees!   

On Monday evening we made Rose Club Christmas cards that Rebecca delivered to our house . I enjoy putting Christmas stickers and different coloured papers to decorate the Christmas cards. My Mom made Maryann a beautiful paper of mittens. Mom and I also baked butter tarts.

For the Remembrance Day weekend, my parents had to babysit Coco for my brother Joel and his wife Ashley because she had a conference with her work and Joel went with her. On Friday afternoon we worked on my cross-stitch heart, did laundry and we made shopping list for Janelle ‘s birthday presents and some Christmas child shoe boxes items.  I also needed some teas and some milk.

On Saturday afternoon, I wanted to make sure that I had Janelle’s birthday presents bought and wrapped, also I wanted to get the Christmas child shoe boxes items bought and packed in the box. For the Christmas child box I got some fuzzy socks, markers, note book, soap hair ties, hair brush and comb. For Janelle’s birthday presents I got her an Donut bath bomb, bubble bath, Christmas PJs, hair ties and fuzzy socks.

On Sunday afternoon we decorated the Christmas tree. We weren’t able to decorate everything for Christmas because we were still watching Coco. My brother Joel and Ashley got back from the work conference in Canmore.   My brother and his wife got mom and dad some chocolates because they babysat Coco for the weekend.  We have been watching two shows on Sunday nights Sister Wives and Heartland. While I was heading back home, there was an surprise for me, my friend Mary dropped off a shirt and a hoodie that she designed. The hoodie had butterflies and says “Kelsey butterfly lifestyle”  on it. The shirt has Brett young’s name on it, my favourite song title ” I can’t sleep without you, a red moon and the date that I went to his concert.  She even got me a colouring book. Thanks so much Mary!

On Tuesday evening we went to drop off the Christmas child shoe boxes at the church.  I love giving a child who doesn’t have much and gives them a joyful Christmas with toys, markers, paper, pad and bar of soap for Christmas presents!  It was great to see my friend Glenda!  You don’t understand how blessed and thankful you are when someone else does not have much money for Christmas presents for their children. You can go and fill up a shoe box for children for Christmas! Please take your time and get a shoe box today! On Wednesday evening we went to the women’s shelter and I donated a beautiful flowery nightgown!

On Thursday afternoon mom and I went shopping for Christmas window stickers at the dollar store. We wrapped some Christmas presents and started on making Christmas cards that my auntie Gail sent me.   There were lots of Christmas cards, so we started with the Christmas door ones with Christmas decorations on the door!   I couldn’t wait until Sunday afternoon to make more Christmas cards and make a list of people that need a Christmas card, we might do a Christmas letter too.  

On Friday evening we celebrated our roommate Janelle’s 24th birthday! Niki got her birthday balloons and a mixed cheesecakes of different kinds of cheesecakes. There was chocolate, pecan caramel cheesecake, berries cheesecake and plain cheesecake. We put on YouTube videos of her favourite music artist Megan Trainor She likes pop music.  For her birthday presents, she got a Christmas onesie and Christmas PJs, donut bath bomb, Christmas CDs, new toy and bubble bath! She also got Bumble bee fuzzy socks! After her birthday party, we headed to Rose Club birthday bash to celebrate birthdays in November. It was great to see everyone in person, danced with our friends and it was a great time. Rebecca had a Disco Ball that lit up with different colours. It was really neat.  We had an amazing evening celebrating Janelle’s birthday and awesome time celebrating everyone else’s birthdays in November.

Saturday afternoon we decorated the inside of the house for Christmas. We put up some dollar store items like snow man and snow flakes on the windows. We put up the Christmas tree and decorated our Christmas tree!

On Wednesday evening we went to make a centrepiece for the Rose Club Christmas’s party on Friday, December 16. It was a Christmas box. Home hardware built them, they also painted them with white paint gun and donated them to the Christmas party for Rose Club. I was in charge with the glue gun and Niki placed the decorations on my Christmas box!  We had a blast decorating them and can’t wait until we see them at the Christmas party!

On Thursday afternoon my mom and I went shopping for Christmas presents. We got Christmas presents for baby Joshua Junior and baby Averie (which is Kelsey’s and Mary’s) newest babies, we also got their older kids (Alayna and Kahliya )  Christmas presents as well.   We wrapped them up with Christmas wrapping paper and Christmas gift bags. We also wrapped up the Handivan’s Christmas present which is chocolates from Costco. After super, we dropped off the Christmas presents. 

Friday morning I gave the Handivan their Christmas present which is Meri chocolates from Costco and the Handivan driver Joanne was surprised that I got a Christmas present done.  On Friday afternoon Nia and I played two games of Yahtzee and did lots of laundry. I made a list of Christmas presents ideas for my roommates. 

Saturday afternoon I went shopping for Christmas presents for my Roommates and I went to Walmart and Warehouse One.  Then Rebecca, Taryn , my roommate Kat and I went see the new inside of Tim’s Horton and it’s very nice. It’s feels like a new restaurant inside and outside, which is fresh and clean. Check it out yourself.   After our Tim’s Horton coffee date, we invited Rebecca and Kat to come to the mall with us.  We went to Ricki’s and Bootlegger. For the Christmas presents: I got a jewelry kit for Jessica, I got sweaters for Janelle and Theresa , I got Craig PJ pants and Kat got a Subway gift card! 

On Sunday afternoon my mom and I wrapped the Christmas presents for my roommates.  Most of the Christmas presents were already in boxes so it was easier to wrap and one had an tag on the box so we didn’t have to wrap it.   We made Hershey’s Mint Chocolate Chip Nanaimo Bars to freeze so we can have them on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The end of November or the bringing of December we change my feeding tube.  It seemed to be loose, so we changed it a few weeks earlier than usual.   We also change the feeding tube around my birthday too.   My mom took a picture of myself in front of the Christmas tree.  We also got the Christmas cards addressed and wrote into the inside of Christmas cards.  Hopefully the next time that I’m home my mom has ordered the pictures for the Christmas cards, and we can send them out.    It was a very busy weekend with Christmas presents shopping, Christmas baking and getting ready for Christmas cards to send out.  Slowly but surely, I’m getting ready for Christmas.  

This week was the last week of special Olympics swimming and bowling!  

Later in the afternoon Anna and I went swimming with special Olympics for the last time until January!

On Tuesday afternoon my dad dropped mom and I off at the Glenrose hospital for an appointment at the spastic clinic. They gave me Botox in my right hand and wrist . We got a follow up appointment on January 4th and they will make me an hand brace! They moved my hand in different positions and figured out I needed Botox in my hand and wrist.  They also looked at my leg braces. I thought it was interesting appointment, so I wanted to share my experience. 

On Wednesday later in the afternoon we had our last special Olympics bowling before Christmas break. We played bingo bowling and another bowling game with Christmas music playing in the background. I can’t wait until January to start swimming and bowling again with special Olympics! Here’s the bowling bingo sheet how we kept sore! Wednesday evening I fell off the shower chair and broke off a tooth.

On Thursday morning I went to the dentist, and he fixed my tooth! In the afternoon mom and I made Chocolates Mint Snow-Top Cookies… so yummy, so good, and so delicious.  I can’t wait for Christmas to have them. 

On Friday afternoon  Anna and I went shopping for the Rose Club Christmas exchange and the Centra Cam Christmas exchanges.  For the Christmas parties everyone buys a Christmas present and we do an Christmas gift exchange.    We also got Theresa’s Christmas presents from Santa!!  I bought a pink  care bear for the hockey game that donates bears for the U of A ( the Stollery  children’s hospital ) and drop it off the hockey ink. I think I have every Christmas presents brought, wrapped and or figured out.   We ended up at the elk hall and went to the Christmas market where my friend Mary and her baby Joshua Junior were selling homemade Christmas baking and selling sugar cookies and decoration supply kits. We even wrote in the Christmas cards for the different teams to wish them a merry Christmas and happy new year! On Friday evening we had a Rose Club meeting for January events  and Christmas bingo. I got a black out in Christmas bingo.

Saturday afternoon I coloured and went swimming with Maryann.

Sunday afternoon we took family pictures for our Christmas cards for 2022!  We had dinner with the whole family!

So mom ordered Christmas cards on Monday evening.  I finished the picture that I was colouring.  Sky is blue and sunny day with yellow and orange sun. Brown and back houses with some red decorating. Anna and I finished her Santa Claus shopping for Theresa and went to Winners and I forgot to send Sharon my senior a Christmas gift . So, we made a list of Christmas presents ideas. I think I would love to get her an basket of goodies, like hot chocolate, coffee and candy and Christmas candy canes.   

On Wednesday afternoon I did my Christmas traditions blog.

On Thursday afternoon mom and I went shopping at Walmart and we also made nuts and bolts.

On Friday morning I went to the fire hall and shred the paper for the fire men.   On Friday morning The Handivan driver Joanne said “The Handivan drivers really enjoyed their chocolates” from their Christmas present. They ate all the chocolates in a week. I noticed that Joanne decorated the bus for Christmas! On Friday afternoon I coloured a picture of a turtle with flowers and another picture of an octopus. I got to FaceTime my friend Kristen. I met her at CAFCL’s Kandu summer camp when she was a leader and I was eight years old.  I got to meet and see her second baby boy Malcolm on Facebook messenger!   It was a thirty-three-minute chat, and I enjoyed every minute of it. After FaceTime I coloured another picture of some fishes and blue water. On Friday evening we started on new cross stitch and we cross stitched a purple heart and we decided finally to pop Janelle’s birthday balloons!  It was an awesome day!

On Monday afternoon I interviewed  an fire man at Centra Cam.  I’m working on a Fire Hall poster that is about the fire hall! On Monday evening everyone drove around town and looked at Christmas lights.  On our way home, we headed to Tim’s and some people got hot chocolate and then I had a Mocha with creamer at home. 

On Tuesday afternoon I Face Timed my mom while she was making cinnamon twists! 

On Wednesday morning at Centra cam I played time Dominoes, and I finished writing up my interview with the fire man and played Camrose Monopoly. On Wednesday afternoon I finished my picture that says Salt in the air and sand in my hair with yellow, purple, and red writing. I made the background that looks like a sunset, which is light purple, dark purple and pink. I put in some blue waves, a pink seashell and a red fish!   My mom showed me that she made poppycock! Later on, before dinner time Taryn and I got some food bank items for the food bank for CAFCL. So we made a quick Walmart run and we got two boxes of pasta, three different pasta sauces and four different kinds of Kraft Mac and cheese bowls. During having dinner, we did some purple petals on the cross stitch. 

On Thursday morning I dropped off my food bank items at the CAFCL office. In the afternoon My mom and I made short bread cookies and did some last-minute Christmas shopping.   On Thursday Evening Kelsey and Melissa came over to drop off some Christmas presents! I got a new red Boom Box that has a radio in it as well. Brett young’s CD ” weekends look a bit different these days ” and Kelsey had made a picture frame of Brett young’s concert ticket and pictures from the concert.  We had a two hour visit with Kelsey and Melissa.  Thanks so much for the visit and the Christmas presents Melissa and Kelsey, and the Christmas card Kelsey and her family!   You’re the best people in my life and the funniest and crazy girlfriends ever!

On Friday morning I went to the fire hall and shred the paper for the firemen. Then I had an appointment with the O.T. Then my mom put away some of the rest of the summer clothes and summer PJS and put out my winter PJS. She also got my new Boom Box set up.  I had some sweaters that needed to be fixed so she took them home with her.  On Friday afternoon I coloured some balls different colours and the background a golden colour!  I coloured an ocean that I made it look like the water was red, pink and purple colours. I glues I ran out of blue markers. It had an octopus and some fishes in the water.  I coloured a whale picture… it says’ whale of a good time’.  I did laundry between doing colouring.  

On Friday evening was the Rose Club Christmas party at the Norsemen inn.  There was a dinner, delicious cherry cheesecake and chocolate pudding with whip cream on top. There was a Christmas play and of course a Christmas gift exchange. There were also door prizes. For my Christmas gift I got strawberry flavoured bubble bath and UNO cards. The play was called Mr. Brown’s Christmas Carol and it was very good. They made a cut-out of an ambulance for the play. There was a dance at the end of the evening!   After the Christmas party you could take your centerpieces home that you made for Christmas party.  It was amazing to have a Christmas party in person after three years of covid!  I had a blast by getting into the spirit, seeing my friends and meeting new people!  Merry Christmas!

Saturday afternoon I got to FaceTime with Kathleen and she sent me a picture of her newest niece and almost her birthday buddy Isabell. Then I finished a colouring book while I watched the Strew Crew blog on YouTube their Christmas traditions are looking at Christmas lights and decorating gingerbread houses. Thanks again for the colouring book Mary. I also watched Michele Janse on YouTube 12 day of Blog Christmas. She was looking at appointments, making gingerbread cookies and wrapping Christmas presents!  

Later on, I got my fingernails painted red gel polish ready for Christmas! We had a Christmas movie night on Saturday evening, we watched the princess switch while I got a facial. It was a cold  winter wonder wonderland kinda day with Spa things and watched an Christmas movie!   It was our dad’s birthday on this Saturday. Joel and Ashley had a Christmas party, and my parents went along. They went to people houses and had wine and appetizers. They even stopped at my parent’s house and my mom made a dip!

On Sunday afternoon we celebrated our dad’s birthday as a family.  We painted wooden Christmas Ornaments which were Santa, gingerbread houses, owls and one said peace on earth. Then we had my dad’s birthday dinner homemade chicken strips, homemade Mac, and cheese. With vegetables and dip.  We had Black Forest cake with cherries and whipped cream for dessert. Happy birthday dad! Love you so much.  

On Tuesday morning at Centra cam I glued everything on my fire hall safety poster and put potatoes inside the pot getting ready for Christmas dinner for the Christmas party on Wednesday! People were peeling potatoes and I was putting them inside of the pot. In the afternoon on Tuesday My mom and I Face Timed and she put Christmas photos cards inside our Christmas cards.  Then she put my friend’s house addresses on the envelopes getting ready for Christmas and sending them out in the mail.  My mom went and got everything mailed out!

On Wednesday full day at Centra Cam was the Christmas party and the last day before Christmas holidays. In the morning we played Christmas’s song bingo, and I got a bingo! I got a Christmas mug for a prize. Then we tried family Feud Christmas themed * but not everyone enjoyed it *.   We also played Name that Christmas song and had a Christmas craft.  We decorated a small water bottle and made them into a Reindeer. Everyone had a Christmas dinner. In the afternoon families and friends joined us for our Christmas program and our Christmas exchange.   For my Christmas presents I got some chocolate kisses and a fuzzy light blue pillow. Everyone got a Tim’s Horton gift card from the Centra cam staff and a Christmas card. Their were people who sang Christmas songs, did some sign language Christmas songs and played with musical instrument’s for some of the Christmas songs. It all ended with a Christmas dance!  It was a great day to celebrate with everyone and wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

On Wednesday evening Melissa, Kelsey and I drove around town and looked at Christmas lights. We stopped by my mom and dad’s house on the way because I had Christmas presents for them.   We dropped off Mary’s Christmas present and Mary gave me a Christmas card. I gave them the body shop’s body washes and hand creams and a Christmas photo of me.

On Thursday afternoon mom and I FaceTimed. We made the dough for the gingersnap cookies and we made some chocolate chip and banana muffins. I got a word search book from Rose Club’s Christmas bingo prizes so I started doing word searches, and I watched KB and baby, and a few videos of Life As We Gomez. My roommates and I did our Christmas exchange from our roommates on Thursday evening. I got the same snow man set of bath bombs as last Christmas and I got them twice this year. I got new fuzzy socks, cross stitch and colouring books and markers, and purple hair dye!  Everyone seems happy with their Christmas presents!  My mom showed me the cookies baked out of the oven.  On Christmas Eve I did some colouring, cross stitch, packing for Christmas .

On Christmas Eve I went to mom and dads.  I played Martian Dice with Ashley, Joel, Luke and mom & dad.   Once grandpa and Sandy came, we played the Christmas ball!  We had baked spaghetti, garlic bread and Caesar salad for supper.  After supper we opened Christmas presents!!  I got many sweaters, markers and a case, colouring books, a notebook and a butterfly day planner, Loom for knitting, cross stitches, games of Shut the box & Camrose Monopoly.  My friend Mary and her family got me a sweater, toque and mitts, and jewelry.  After we opened our presents, we played Camrose Monopoly. Joel and I won! 

On Christmas Day Mary sent me pictures of her kids with the Christmas presents that I sent them! They loved them!  I got junior a 1st Christmas outfit (a Santa hat and socks) and an frog cross stitch that I made.  I got Alayna the game four in a row which she loved!  Then, Joel and I played Shut the box, one of the games I got for Christmas! For Christmas morning breakfast we had Christmas shaped pancakes which Joel and Ashley cooked, bacon and yogurt with homemade Saskatoon syrup. It was delicious.  In the afternoon on Christmas Joel, Ashley and Coco went to Moose Jaw to Ashley’s family’s Christmas.  My dad and I tried to get the Christmas cards and pictures sent to people in town, but we got our company!   My Auntie Gail, Uncle Wayne and my two Cousins Eric and Ian arrived a half hour earlier than expected!   I got Christmas presents of: Hot Chocolate bombs that we took to grandpa’s house. Cross stitch butterfly, Christmas leggings and Maddie and Tae’s Christmas CD. I gave my auntie Gail a blue and green sweater. After visiting for awhile, exchanging Christmas presents and having goodies, We went to our grandpa’s house for Christmas dinner and we painted wooden Christmas ornaments with everyone!  We took family pictures and cousin pictures in front of the Christmas tree.  Merry Christmas everyone. I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas season!  It was wonderful winter wonderful land’s Christmas 2022!

On Boxing Day in the morning, I tried out my new 100 markers and new colouring books.  Then, dad and I went out to deliver Christmas cards and Christmas pictures to people in town.  My friend Kelsey sent me pictures of her kids with their Christmas presents from me, and they loved them.  I got her newest baby girl Avery a 1st Christmas outfit a Santa hat and a little red tutu outfit and for her other daughter Kahila a toy. In the afternoon Grandpa, Sandy, Luke, mom, dad and I decorated homemade gingerbread cookies. It was a wonderful winter wonderland three-day weekend and the Best and the most VERY eventful merry Christmas ever!!

For New Year’s Eve during the afternoon, we went to the Kodiaks and the Canucks hockey game! There were hayrides * but wasn’t wide enough for two wheelchairs*.  There were games to play around the hockey game, like Yahtzee, Mini curling and so much more.  There was a band playing * The River Jacks * and some people could make Mini gingerbread houses! In the evening on New Year’s Eve, we watched the New Year’s Eve movie!   Theresa and I had pineapple drinks and went to bed before midnight!   It was a very nice day and a wonderful evening. I enjoyed New Year’s Eve movie night!  I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful winter wonderful land New Year’s Eve and I hope everyone will be healthy and will be blessed in 2023!


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