A Very Good Week… I got a new job!

Saturday Theresa and went to Flatliners at Duggan Cinemas. Theresa liked the Action part of the movie and I really like the medical part. They made their hearts stop and my heart stopped for 20-30 minutes when I was a baby. It was interesting for me to watch.


I use a therapy wedge to stretch my torso and my hips because when you sit all day you don’t use those muscles and the therapy wedge helps me strengthen them. My staff uses a motorized lift to put me on the wedge. I like to use a pillow for my elbows to keep them supported and comfortable. I watch TV while I lay on the wedge!

laying on wedge

We have a reclining chair that I really like to sit in to watch TV as well. I have a pillow that supports my back that doesn’t move.

Sitting in chair

This week on Thursday I walked in my walker 13 laps! That is more than I have ever done I usually do 10!


I found out on Thursday while I was walking that I got a job at the Centra Cam Outlet Store! My job will be to price the items on Tuesday mornings. I am very excited to start this week!

Centra cam

This was a very good week!


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