Thanksgiving Weekend

Sunday I had Thanksgiving dinner at my parents. My brother Joel  came home from Edmonton  and my other brother Luke came home from Calgary they are both going to school. Every Thanksgiving we always take a Fall Family Picture. But this year the weather wasn’t very cooperative and my Mom was under the weather. So we took our picture in the living room. We always have to match! We love doing them.Family PictureFamily Picture 2After pictures Mom, Joel and I played Rummikub. Once I got the hang of it, it was really fun. I can play it by myself and didn’t need help once I figured it out.

Playing Rummikub

My Mom made a ham dinner and I got to have a piece of apple pie!

On Monday my staff Marisa colored my hair with hair chalk. It was fun and I liked how it looked. What do you think?

Hair Dye


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