Getting Ready for Christmas

I caught a cold last week so my Blog is a week behind! I hope you didn’t miss me too much!

On Saturday the 2nd we had our Special Olympics Christmas Party at Centra Cam. Every year Jackie from Centra Cam makes a Christmas meal and Santa comes.


On Sunday the 3rd I dyed my hair again. This time RED and permanent. I was nervous what everyone would think. Everyone really likes it! What do you think?


In the afternoon we had Karli & Alex’s baby shower. We played games and I almost won the baby bump game. On Wednesday night I had a dream she was having a baby girl and it came on her due date January 15th! We are really excited for them!

After the baby shower I went to my Mom and Dad’s house and I helped Mom do Christmas Gifts for my roommates, my bus driver, my aide Colleen and my BFF Miss C.

christmas cards

On Thursday I decided to make ornaments. I put the clay in the mold and you have to push it down. After it hardens you paint it. I also colored a stocking with bears and gifts while I ate lunch!

I am learning how to play the piano. I’m going to play Jingle Bells on Wednesday for our Centra Cam Christmas party. I am really excited. My Mom and Dad are coming to watch and my old aide Kennedy will be there!


At Centra Cam we decorate all of the doors as Christmas Presents. Instead of my Movement class I helped someone decorate this door! We started practicing Christmas songs for the Christmas Party. Our movement class is in charge of music for the party!

My roommate Theresa and I finished a blueberry cheesecake! It’s always good! I also had bread pudding this week!



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