Christmas 2017… Complete!

On December 20th  at Centra Cam we had our last day before the holidays and a Christmas Party. In the morning I went to the Field house and we played games. You can see me here playing basketball and I played catch with my friend  Jody and Joanne. In the afternoon we had our Christmas Party I was an elf and I handed out the gifts. I also played the piano and it went very well.

Friday, December 22nd I had Christmas with my roommates. We buy gifts for each other and exchange them before we head to our Families house for Christmas. We also watch Elf the movie.

Merry Christmas every one!!
This year on Christmas Eve I went to my grandma Sharon’s in Lloydminster who we hardly see!! I saw my uncle Wayne and my auntie Gail, two cousins Eric and Ian!! This was at the senior’s home where my grandma lives.  There is a pool table and a piano!! When we got there my cousins were playing poker dice and we got food ready!! I brought some home made chocolate chip banana muffins and peanut butter cookies!!! We ate  and then we took family pictures in front of the Christmas tree and just visited!! I gave my grandma a homemade card that I made at Centra cam and we gave her some David’s tea!!! It was nice to see everyone since we hardly see family!!! Then when we were leaving my grandma Sharon gave everyone a hug goodbye and it was cold outside!! When we got home we watched some family videos from when we were children!!!

christmas eve

On Christmas Day my brother Joel and my mom made breakfast!! They had French toast, scrambled eggs with smoked salmon on toast!!! Then we open Christmas presents!! After we open our Christmas presents from our family!! My brother Joel and I wrote in my day planner that was one of the presents I got!!!

I got a house coat, facial at Rio’s spa, CD Country Hits, hot water bottle ( just to keep me warm) blue day planner, fur scarf, pajamas (Mickey Mouse of course) I got a White housecoat, pants, sweater, fuzzy cat socks, two word find books, Scarf holder and hair color spray! Miss C got me earrings!



family selfie

saran wrap game

Boxing Day my family and I played games all day. I had a facial. I went home in the evening. I had a really good Christmas but it always good to go home and see everyone again.


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