Christmas preparation!! Parties, reading and baking

On December 15, I attended the Rose Club Christmas party at the Norseman Inn. All my friends were there. Our Committee sang the 12 Days of Christmas accompanied by a slideshow of the members throughout the year. We also played Family Feud on a big screen TV which was fun.  After supper, I had strawberry whipped cream pudding for dessert. We also had a gift exchange and I got turtle chocolates. Every year we have a dance and this year we danced the night away!!!

On December 17, Rose Club went to Bethany care home to sing Christmas carols to brighten up their holiday season. I sang the loudest, as I have the best voice lol!!


On December 19th, I attended the Centra Cam Christmas party. In the morning we had a WII bowling tournament and played “Pin the beard on the Santa”.

wii bowling

In the afternoon, we had another gift exchange and I received a fuzzy blanket with pom poms. We sang Christmas carols again together and ate a turkey dinner with pudding.



I started reading chapter books every night before bed this month. This time I started a  new series called the “Dork Diaries”. I like reading outload and listening to myself.

book reading

On Wednesday night, I went shopping for the Christmas party at my home. Each year we do a Christmas gift exchange with my roommates and I’m all ready! We went shopping for the groceries to bake a New York cheesecake from Anna Olsen.


I can’t wait for the new year to start as my old staff will be back helping me write my blog weekly (so stay tuned) and completing my school presentations! I hope you all have a super, fun Christmas and very Happy New Year.


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