Best Christmas Ever!!!!!!

In November I started working at the Camrose library. I can get inside the library with the ramp In front. There is also an elevator inside so I have access to go up and down. When I sign in, it is behind the desk for volunteer. Then I go downstairs and clean dvds. I have to look at the dvds and cds and see if they are dusty or not. If they are dusty I have to clean them till they sparkle! I use a cleaner, the cd goes in the top and I have to roll the cleaner on it. After 15 cd’s it beeps, that means you have to clean the machine. It’s a round circle and you have to turn it back on until you don’t hear the beep any longer.

On Christmas eve I went to Lloydminister with mom and dad. We went to my Grandma Sharons place. She lives in a village with a hall. Its all wheel chair accessible which is very nice! We had turkey dinner with the fixings! My mom and I made a mint cheese cake. It was amazing!

After eating all the food we took family pictures and played some games. We played charades and UNO. Uncle Wayne, Aunt Gail and cousins Ian, Eric and Eric’s girlfriend Amber.

After the games we went to my great grandma Jose. I never met her before. It was so sweet.  She’s 88 years young!


We went to great uncle Pauls and his wife. But dad to had to carry me up the stairs in there house. We went back home Christmas eve and had appetizers. We so were so busy!


On Christmas morning we had breakfast and opened gifts. I got homemade bath bombs , new clothes, markers, highlighters, find word book and I’m going to CARRIE UNDERWOOD!!!!! My brother bought me the Bret Young cd, he’s my favorite singer. After we opened gifts, we decorated gingerbread houses. Christmas day evening we watched Mr.Scrooge.

On boxing day I decorated sugar cookies at moms with my brother Luke.


On New Years day, my brother Joel and his girlfriend Ashley were at mom and dads house. We opened gifts again, decorated more ginger bread houses, took family pictures and played games. My mom made turkey and all the fixings. My mom made another cheese cake! It was cherry cheese cake this time!. It was the best Christmas I ever had!!!



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