March is Going in Like A Lion… BUSY!

On Saturday March 2nd we had only one staff on so we were housebound! We made chocolate chip peanut butter cookies. I have a mixer that I LOVE using. Theresa and I put the ingredients in the mixer bowl and then I mix it up! We both make the little cookie balls to put on the cookie sheet. We watch them bake in the oven. We put the cookies in baggies and freeze them. We share with everyone in the house. I also took some cookies to my parents on Sunday.

baking with Theresa

That afternoon we Facetimed with Nancy (my staff that moved back to New Brunswick). She showed us her house and she told us what she has been doing. She got new things for her house. She is still unpacking. My iPad died so we didn’t get to say good bye.

All my roommates were able to talk to her. This a picture of all of us talking to Nancy!

theresa kat craig tracey

On Sunday my AWESOME brother Joel was home so we decided to change my feeding tube. When we change my tube it is kind of uncomfortable. I have to lay down, you have to put 5mm of water in a balloon that goes in my stomach to keep my tube in place. But you have to do it super fast if you don’t it might close up and I would have to go for surgery.

While Joel was doing this I was holding his girlfriend Ashley’s hand and talking on the phone to my Grandpa in Ontario. That helped me not focus on it. Thank you Joel and Ashley for helping me!

new feeding tube

Since my last blog I have done 6 school presentations! All at OLMP for the Grade 5 and 6 classes. They have went really well! I hope some of them read my blog and I hope my presentation gave them a good message. One of the students had a question about how I eat. We do talk about it in the presentation but we are now going to put a picture in to show me eating. We thought we share that with you! We are headed back to OLMP on Monday, Daylsand School on Tuesday and then we have 2 presentations at Jack Stuart on Friday. We are SOOOOOO busy!

Kelsey eating

Here is a picture from OLMP!



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