Catch up Blog and Corona Virus!

This blog is a catch up blog and what I have been up to since the Corona virus quarantine… We don’t do blogs while I am doing school presentations because we are so busy but now we have lots of free time on our hands! We did a total of 12 presentations and we are very thankful that we got them in before this happened. We would like to thank Chester Ronning, Jack Stuart, Sparling, Killam, Ecole Sifton, Forestburg and OLMP schools for having us come. We are sorry we didn’t get to go to Tofield School but we promise to come next year. It was really good this year as always and I love doing them!
The next part of my blog goes way back to Christmas time and progresses til now!
I got a massage before Christmas from Amy Turnbull at Aeyric Touch.  I had been having terrible cramps and had a terribly sore back.  Amy noticed that my hips weren’t lined up.  She recommended I go to Parsons Family Chiropractic for an adjustment.  I had two adjustments and it has made a huge difference.  I had been scheduled to get a new seat for my wheelchair because I was just not sitting in it properly.  After the first adjustment I was sitting perfectly in it!  Now I don’t need a new seat.  Thank you Dr. Parsons and Amy for all your help!!  Also, Dr Parsons has a table that stands up, making it so much easier for me to get on it.
We had our Christmas presents party at the Wetaskiwin hospital as my best friend Teresa needed hip surgery in early March. I got her a diffuser and she got me earrings, books, markers and highlighters. It was really nice to see her again. I don’t see her near enough.
We went to Mr. Mike’s restaurant for my roommate Theresa’s birthday party!!! I bought a spa day at Cloud Nine Spa for her!
I watched the Special Olympics Fire Fighters Vs. Police hockey game and it was lots of fun.
I normally go to Centra Cam Monday – Thursday but not right now due to the Corona virus. It is very weird and odd not leaving the house and going to work. I have been filling my days with other things.
So I have been busy using my Christmas gifts from Miss C  for the most of the afternoons. It was like when your calendar is full with events and then everything is completely cancelled and you can’t do nothing. It was the 1st time that we didn’t have the bowl-thon with work. This coming up weekend was going to be the year end tournament for Special Olympics and that’s even canceled. It was a very weird experience and feeling for everyone.
I wish everything goes back to normal before my Miranda Lambert and Brett Young Concerts! I miss working on my posters, going to the school presentations and volunteer work at the library and the fire hall. Of course I have missed going into my walker and walking around the hallway at Centra Cam as well.
I’m taking this time well, and I think my staff are doing OK, it’s probably difficult for them to help me stay busy but overall it’s been pretty laid back and resting. After a long 18 months of having very bad stomach pain I have learned how to make myself busy and then learning how to do what’s making me feel good again. I know how to ask for the heat pad and medicine if I need it,  before I had trouble asking for what I needed.
Tuesday night we were in our beds and then we heard the fire alarm and it scared everybody in our house. I started to laugh because I got scared and nervous. Thankfully it was a false alarm.
We have watched lots of movies in the past couple weeks. 
Theresa and I did facials while watching Pitch Perfect and Jessica and I watched Two Brothers on Netflix.  I’m quite enjoying her company.
On Monday – I got to do my fingernails in the afternoon. On Tuesday I went on a snowy afternoon walking with Nicki and it was so hard to drive my power chair into the snow. My power chair can get stuck so when people don’t shovel their side walks it’s frustrating for me and my staff. But it was still nice to get out and enjoy the fresh air! We played Yahtzee when we got back from our walk.
On Sunday afternoon it was pretty weird not going home to my parents, but all is good. Rebecca from Rose Club made up art packages  and dropped them off at our house and we made pins. We painted hearts and we put them into the oven and they shrunk into a pin.
Saturday afternoon Mary- Ann’s Grandson Dillon and her daughter Breanna surprised us with some music on our deck. That was very thoughtful of them.
It’s been a very weird time in this world right overall.
I hope everyone is doing okay in this world right now! Stay home and stay healthy!

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