Hopping into Spring 2020

I want to share my faith story. I was born as a Christian child. We went to Sunday school and Sunday church service every Sunday. I went to Sunday school and when I was in high school I went to confirmation and then after my second year I gave my heart to the Lord. My friend Melanie was my aide when I was in confirmation. This is a picture of us. I had to write my favorite bible verse. Matthew 19:14 Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” This is still my favorite verse!


Every second I got I would go up and pray for God to heal me so I could walk one day. Into my second or my third year of going to Centra Cam the Lord told me that I should work on posters about different disability’s at Centra Cam. Kristy my staff at Centa Cam was in tears and very happy to be able to help me. This started a job for me at Centra Cam creating a learning board for staff and other individuals to learn about the topics I choose. I share those on here every once in awhile.

This Easter was really weird and difficult. Centra Cam sent some Easter egg art kits to my house and we decorated Easter eggs. This is my staff Alex and Emma helping me with the Easter egg decorating. Thank you Centra Cam so much for thinking of us!

Centra Cam also sent some Easter crafts to do. We made a yellow foam Easter egg and bunny. Alex and I taped some eyes, stickers and some pipe cleaners to decorate the egg and the bunny!


Easter turned out really good even though I wasn’t with my family. But I do miss them so much!

When you have a new Staff member that was a hair stylist when she lived in the Dominican Republic, you get a lot of more different hair styles during the week. Nicky does a great job on my hair and I enjoy the new styles she gives me!


One afternoon we did our own nail salon. I used my gel nail lamp and nail polish that my Mom got me for Christmas in high school. We did a pretty good job!

My Mom got a call from a Glenrose Hospital Doctor who is a specialist in CP and he said that I’m sitting too much in my wheelchair. He suggested said that I could get out of the chair and lay down for a few hours so I get a rest. If this doesn’t work I may need Botox shots in my back like I did in my legs when I was in kindergarten (I don’t really remember). We are doing this for a month and if nothing changes I may need to get the Botox. So far it feels really good, I am noticing a difference.

I use my new iPad and watch YouTube videos when I’m resting in my bed mostly Brett Young!!

I’m supposed to be getting a new power chair with the back that leans back. I am excited about that but it might take a long time to get!

We went through my spring and summer clothing and putting away my fall and winter clothes. This made me feel like Spring is here to stay!

Alex and I went on a hour walk around the neighbourhood. It is so nice to go and be able to walk without my chair getting stuck. I saw one of my old teachers Mr. Ofrim riding his bike and we had a social distance chat. It does suck when the sidewalk is bumpy but nice to be outside.

We Face-timed the other residences and played bingo with Roseclub. It was really fun. I got a Bingo and won a sunflower that we planted. I can’t wait to watch it grow.


My mom brought my walker from Centra Cam so I can use it here at home. I race my roommate Theresa down our hallway. My staff put YouTube on in the background and once time they had a picture of Brett young and I ran to him. In really enjoy my time in the walker.



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