What’s should summer have been like and what it’s actually going to be like. Where’s the sun lotion, the bug spray and your sun hat, with your sunglasses? You may need them to read this

So, this really reminds me of when I was in school and when, it was summer holidays, spring break and other days that we didn’t have to go to school. Covid-19 hasn’t been really bad, or anything easy, it’s the new normal. I have been learning how to keep myself busy and be more patient. I have been at home since March. I think it was good at the start because I wasn’t feeling the greatest, but I’m feeling better than I was. Maybe it was hard at first to know what to do all day at home. The 1st Friday in March I went to see my friend Theresa and her mom Victoria to celebrate Christmas so I had a bunch of colouring books and word searches. So I learned how to keep myself busy in the afternoons with the colouring books, word search books instead of going to Centra Cam. My mom brought my walker from Centra Cam so, I could use it at home.

I got my calendar full of activities again and since the middle of June I have started doing some activities with the Cerebral Palsy Association in Edmonton. Every Monday afternoon we do yoga class, Tuesday afternoons we have dance class and one Friday afternoon we had karaoke. I’m really enjoying these classes it’s on the app called Zoom.

109739265_900547693774614_3462222823818868004_n (1)

For Canada day I went to a Canada day convoy concert at the recreation centre with my roommates Craig and Theresa. We got some Goodie bags. It had some pancake mix and some temporary tattoos, Canada flags and an activity book. Becca left the van door open and we were able to listen to the music. Then, I got back from the concert and I coloured some butterfly pictures in my colouring books. In the evening of Canada Day we had a game of Yahtzee with Melissa and Theresa. Craig put music from YouTube on the T.V.

We had My mom’s birthday July 3, I decided to get a pot and some flowers for her birthday. I painted the flower pot a rainbow design and wrote a nice note on the pot. On her actual birthday we sat on my deck and we had smoothies and ice coffee from McDonald’s. During this time of COVID I cannot go home so, when it was time for Singing “Happy Birthday” I Face Timed with the family.

My brother Luke’s birthday was the weekend after mom’s birthday. So, I decided to do a painting for his birthday. I knew that I wasn’t able to be there to celebrate but I didn’t want him to think I forgot about his birthday so I made him a painting of Star Wars Luke Skywalker on an canvas. He loved it. We had to Face Time when it was time for cake. I think when it’s back to normal and we are together we will do a big birthday party with everyone’s birthday. I felt I was a part of their special day.

My friend Teresa is in the hospital with her hip surgery so I made her a homemade card and my mom brought her flowers.


Last weekend, I was able to try out a new wheelchair that I could lean back, my mom has to do paperwork for it today. Do you remember when I was really uncomfortable in my wheelchair and no one could figure it out.?It turns out that I was sitting too long in my wheelchair and I should lay down for a little while during the day. I’m getting a new wheelchair that leans back.

Yes, I’m missing going to Centra Cam this time of year we would have been going on tours. We usually get to go the Wetaskiwin pool, Camp LG Barnes, and the outdoor pool in Forestburg. In the summer months we would have a fun day in the park and outside at Centra Cam. We would be doing drum circle in the gazebo. For fun days we would go to play baseball games and some outdoor activities with everyone. Then the summer was over we would throw out a big party to celebrate.

For my birthday I got a a new blanket for my bedroom (how do you like it)?


The perfect sunshine summer day is when you can sit outside and colour in your colouring books with YouTube playing in the background. It’s been about five years now since we moved here. Its a amazing journey and I’m enjoying every minute, every hour and every second. My favourite thing to do on the weekend would be to sit outside on the deck and colour while hanging out with my roommates and friends.

Becca, Kat and I went to the valley for a walk, one Sunday afternoon, it was pretty good for my power chair but one part was a quiet rough, but overall it was a good walk on a Sunday afternoon with great friends. Now that it’s COVID we have to wear masks and walk 6 feet apart.

Today we had a good visit with grandpa Raymond and Shandy from Ontario. My Grandpa Raymond builds cupboards for people houses and Shandy works at a plant that makes car parts. Every summer they make a road trip out to Alberta. This year there was a family reunion in Lloydminster. With COVID-19 we weren’t able to make the trip . We had a great two hour visit on my deck.

This long weekend was different than any other August long weekend. We usually have BVJ a big country music festival at the CRE. With Covid-19 here it’s not going to happen. Instead of the festival we are hanging out on our deck and colour different amazing animals and flowers. We moved on to a boat pictures and different pictures of animals.


The final project of the weekend was dying my hair red. What’s do you guys think?!


We also spent time resting on the deck in the sunshine


Summer 2020 is a different experience that I never really expected before in my life.


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