Another Roommate and more to learn about CP!

I have introduced you to 2 of my roomates and I would like you to meet another one!

Janelle has been my roommate since I moved in August 2015! Janelle has Cerebral Palsy just like me….but not like me! Just you like you and I are different Janelle and I are different.

Here is a refresher on Cerebral Palsy in case you forgot! I found this information on the Cerebral Palsy Alberta website 🙂

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a term used to describe a group of conditions affecting body movement and muscle coordination. It is not a disease. Medical dictionaries define CP as a “bilateral, symmetrical, non-progressive paralysis resulting from developmental defects in the brain or from trauma at birth.”

CP can be as mild as just a weakness in one hand, ranging to an almost complete lack of movement. Sometimes the movements of people can be unpredictable, muscles can be stiff or tight, and in some cases people may have shaky movements or tremors.


Any damage to the developing brain, whether caused by genetic or developmental disorders, injury or disease, can result in cerebral palsy. The damage to the brain is in the region that controls and coordinates muscular action. Most often it occurs during pregnancy, labour or shortly after birth. Most cases of CP are called congenital cerebral palsy because they are related to the development and child-bearing processes. The condition is not inherited.

Acquired cerebral palsy, usually occurring before two years of age, is less common. It is usually caused by a head injury (motor vehicle accidents, falls, child abuse). CP can also be a result of a brain infection. Cerebral palsy, except in its mildest forms, can be seen in the first 12-18 months of life as it presents itself when children fail to reach movement milestones.

•Janelle was born a healthy baby
•When she was 4 weeks old she developed a vitamin K deficiency
•Because of this she has a developmental delay and Cerebral Palsy – QUADRIPLEGIA which affects both arms and legs and can affect muscles in the trunk, mouth, and face

What is vitamin K?

~Vitamin K is a substance in our bodies that helps our blood to clot and stops bleeding.
~All newborn babies have low levels of vitamin K and are therefore are at risk
~Vitamin K is given by One injection just after birth and should protect your baby for many months.
~If babies do develop VKDB, it can cause severe harm, including death or severe brain damage.
~Janelle did receive this shot but her body did not absorb the vitamin k.

HOW CP AFFECTS Janelle and I
• We have to sit in our wheelchairs a lot.
• It is hard to understand me.-Until you get to know me!
• Janelle is unable to use words
• We ride in a special van with a ramp. This means we can never go anywhere together unless we take two vans!
• We eat different than you. We have a feeding tube that goes in our stomach.
• But I can eat once in awhile.
• Janelle is unable to eat by mouth like I can

Janelle likes watching cartoons and music videos with me

I use a walker which helps stretch out my body.

Janelle uses something called a Standing Frame.

The standing frame helps stretch our her body as well.

A typical day for Janelle looks like:

Staff do exercises with Janelle In the morning. In the afternoon she like to watch shows like cartoons and YouTube videos on the tv. She loves pop and Disney music. We get out of our house and then go for walks. She loves her stuffed animals and toys. Janelle is crazy about toys and being with her family and roommates. She always loves her baths and showers every night. I love being her roommate and friend to Janelle.

Here is a picture of Janelle and her family

I hope you learned something I sure did!

Remember “Everyone is Different!”


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