COVID-19 summer has come to the end…… Hello Fall!

The summer holidays are already happening to be ending. The kids are going to be going to school in the fall and I will hopefully get to do the school presentations again in the spring. This week was busy as my Auntie Donna was here visiting with my Mom and Dad. Tuesday morning and Wednesday morning we had ice cap, blueberry muffins and Tim bits. We were outside on the deck visiting with her. I think it’s really good to see her because she lives in Unity SK.

Nicki and I went walking around the lake.

My friend Melissa turned 25, so I made a birthday card and got her iTunes card for her birthday.

Every Tuesday evening we watch Counting on with the Duggar’s family and it’s a good show. The parents Jim Bob and Michelle have a great book called “A Love that Multiplies”. I could almost name the children in their family. Joshua, Jill, Jana, Jessa, Johannah, Joy Ann, Jason, Jon David, Joseph, Josie . Josh’s is married to Anna, they have six kids. Mackynzie, Michael, Markus, Maryella, Mason and Mini. Joseph is married to Karna and they have Grant and Addison. They are going to be having a baby in February. Josiah and Lauren has Bella. I think it’s a happy great book and amazing show.

I got to visit my parents house and then we can go into the pool. My 1st visit at the house since March. I think it’s a very weird feeling that I couldn’t get to my mom’s house since the Covid-19 started. I hope you guys do find happiness and joyful things in my blogs.

This Saturday afternoon I made zucchini chocolate chip loaf and rhubarb cake with my Mom. It was pretty chocolatey goodness. I would recommend it.

My parents and I played Yahtzzee tonight, I got 3 or 4 in a row!!!!

The morning of finding words.

Putting my laundry away today

Nicki and I did some Gel star and seals and red fingernails today

This morning and afternoon I coloured butterflies pictures

Meet my new fish named Blue ]ay.

Theresa and I made get well cards for our friend Mary Ann!!

My Auntie Gail brought me a book full of butterfly cards, this is the 3rd card that I made so far! Thanks auntie Gail, I really enjoyed the book of cards, stickers and Envelopes. It’s butterflies and flowers on them. In the back of the book they have stickers.

Every Friday afternoon I Face Time with Centra Cam and it’s been super duper special to see everyone else and I wish I could be there with them.

This is a painting for someone special! Finally got a birthday present done! One done and one more to get done!

There’s a note for the picture # 1

Happy 26 birthday Ashley. I hope you have a great year ahead with amazing experiences and fabulous memories.
I really enjoying this time with you dating my brother Joel! I hope our birthday party is going to make up for your birthday!

Love Kelsey

Happy birthday 28 birthday Joel. Thanks for your kindness heart and help being my big brother. I hope you have a fabulous year ahead and more amazing experiences and amazing memories with Ashley!!! Thanks for your help with my Cp blog post on what’s it’s like living with a sister who has Cerebral palsy! I hope you have an amazing birthday party today!

Love Kelsey

The painting is a design that Joel and his friend David designed.The Ashley painting is a picture of the mountains and river with some of green trees and green grass!

This morning I was getting ready for my new wheelchair, we had to measure me and my wheelchair. We got a blue bottom and then the side we ordered in my favourite colour RED!!! Around Christmas time I will have my new chair!!!! I’m super duper happy and excited to see it!! The best thing about this is we won’t have to go to Red Deer for seating!!! The side of my seat even has my name on it!


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