Spring rolls into 2021: Here’s what’s up in February and March for me

So, my mom and I made carrot and oatmeal muffins.

This school year we are doing zoom calls for the grade 5 students. So, we recorded myself reading over my school presentation! 

My friend Teresa loves her cat, so I gave her a cat mug for Valentine’s Day!

It was also Theresa my roommate and friend’s birthday on February 15. I bought her some hair dye for her birthday gift. We had a zoom call birthday bash with Rose Club.

I have been enjoying more colouring books and I was colouring flowers.

Going on a walk in the house.

We got a new fish and we named him Blue. Our other fish went to fish heaven RIP Red.

Every month I get a massage from Amy. I feel so much more comfortable after my massage.

Becca and I went on a winter walk around the lake the last weekend of February! My new wheelchair is so much better for the snow!

We made puffed wheat squares on FaceTime with Joel and Ashley.

Getting a pedicure with red, silver stars and golden sparkle! While watching Ice Age in the background!

We played bingo with rose club on zoom. Before Bingo we brainstormed ideas and voted for ideas for what we should do in April. We had ideas like; colouring Easter eggs and maybe dressing up for the birthday bash! We had two different bingo games. Both games were St. Patrick’s Day themed and the month of March. I got a black out on the word one and the other one had pictures of St. Patrick’s Day images and green pictures.

We listened to some St. Patrick’s Day Irish songs on Rose Club radio.

We’re watching the Twilight movies on Netflix….

My Mom and I planted cilantro, thyme, basil, parsley, bunching onions & cucumber. We also made Rice Krispie squares.

Whenever I’m feeling stressed or uncomfortable in my wheelchair. I like to watch movies that I haven’t seen in a long period of time. I watched Devil Wears Prada it is so funny.

We were busy this week. We were watching movies that we saw a long time ago! We watched Pitch Perfect 1 & 2 and Hairspray on Netflix!

Our staff Mary had her birthday on Wednesday, so in the morning we made a birthday video and, in the evening, we FaceTimed with her for her birthday.

This year I am doing my school presentations virtually. Cherilyn turned my presentation into a video where we both talk along with my PowerPoint Presentation. The kids are going to watch the video and then we are going to meet them virtually after to do an activity and chat with them.  I am super excited. We had a practice one with Cherilyn, Janet and me.

We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day a few days early this year. The Saturday afternoon weekend before St. Patrick’s Day! We played St. Patrick’s Day games with our friends from Rose Club. We played 20 questions about St. Patrick’s Day, we played name that tune with Irish songs, we tried to find the Leprechaun in the picture on the computer. We also had to find St. Patrick’s Day items in our house. We had a tour of Ireland on YouTube. We had a crossword puzzle about St. Patrick’s Day! What a great afternoon of games with our friends from Rose Club!! I like to say Rebecca had amazing ideas to fill the afternoon of games! Thank you, Rebecca!

We couldn’t find Pitch Perfect 3 on Netflix, but we watched Isn’t It Romantic and it was really good and a funny movie to watch on a Saturday night with face masks.

The cucumber grew so much that we had to repot it. We also made banana bread with chocolate chips. Here’s the banana bread that we made! I like banana bread with butter on top… it’s the best!

On Sunday nights I watch shows with my parents. We are on season three of Parenthood and we are watching season fourteen of Heartland! I am really enjoying these shows with my parents. I even got to meet some of the actors in Heartland a few years ago when they came to the CRE in Camrose. I met Amber Marshall and Shawn Johnson. (the granddaughter and the grandpa from Heartland)

You will notice when I go home to visit my parents, we all have to wear masks. I can’t wait for COVID to be over.

On St. Patrick’s Day, we painted our fingernails green.

Rebecca from Rose Club gave me a St. Patrick’s Day hair band for a prize from the St. Patrick’s day games on Saturday.

We made lime green Jell-O and homemade coconut flan for dessert for St. Patrick’s day! CAFCL is having a contest, and this is what me made. This is famous in Nicki’s country! It was really good.

We watched Leap Year.

This is an example of a good colouring picture of flowers in my colouring books.

I hope everyone has a good spring!


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