My Mom and her PVC

My Mom and I have made some very good memories growing up. Mom and I have been to Carrie Underwood, Justin Bieber and Keith Urban. My Dad and Mom took me to Dean Brody and Dallas Smith. Amazing experiences.

My Mom helped me do my school presentation in Red Deer at the Self Advocacy Conference on my birthday a few years back.

I look forward to what the next year brings for the whole family. Over the years, we had made some amazing memories and I love my Mom, she’s a amazing woman who I have looked up to, she’s very happy and nice person for my brothers and I to be around, I love her so much!

My Mom had an issue with her heart called Premature Ventricular Contractions (PVC). I interviewed her to help you understand what that means.

Kelsey: What’s was the 1st sign of skipping beats in your heart and how did you feel?

Sheila (Kelsey’s Mom): It was a very strange feeling – it felt like there was a butterfly in my shirt, and then I felt like I was going to faint. 

Kelsey: What did you do?

Sheila (Kelsey’s Mom): I went to see my doctor, and he told me that I probably just had a panic attack.  He was wrong. 

Kelsey: How did you find out what was wrong? 

Sheila (Kelsey’s Mom): I went to give blood at the blood donor clinic.  The nurse took my blood pressure and checked my heart rate, and she told me that I had an irregular heartbeat.

Kelsey: Then what happened? 

Sheila (Kelsey’s Mom): My doctor did a bunch of tests.  She told me to take magnesium and to stay away from caffeine.  I lived with it for many years before I had surgery. 

Kelsey: Explain what was going on with your heart. 

Sheila (Kelsey’s Mom): My heart was skipping beats, sometimes several in a row.  This made me very tired.  If I went grocery shopping, I’d need a rest before I could find the energy to put them away. 

Kelsey: Why did you finally have surgery? 

Sheila (Kelsey’s Mom): One day I felt really bad.  I went to the walk-in clinic and ended up in ICU.   My heart was skipping 8 beats in a row. 

Kelsey: What kind of surgery did you have? 

Sheila (Kelsey’s Mom): It was ablation surgery.  I was awake during the procedure.  3 wires were put into an artery in my groin, and they went up into my heart.  I was given drugs to speed up my heart, which caused my heart to go into the bad rhythm.  They then cauterize the parts of my heart that were causing the problem.  I think they cauterized 7 different spots.  It was quite an uncomfortable procedure, but it was very successful.  I felt way better immediately after. 

Kelsey: Why did it take so long before you had surgery?

Sheila (Kelsey’s Mom): I guess the doctor didn’t think it was serious enough. 

Kelsey: Why did they finally operate? 

Sheila (Kelsey’s Mom): I guess it got serious enough.

This is a picture of the four holes where they put the wires in.

Kelsey: If a friend was going through the same thing do you have tips for feeling better? 

Sheila (Kelsey’s Mom): Stay away from caffeine and tell your doctor how you’re feeling. 

Kelsey: Where did you grow up? 

Sheila (Kelsey’s Mom): I grew up on a farm in southern Saskatchewan. 

Kelsey: How many siblings do you have? 

Sheila (Kelsey’s Mom): I have two older brothers and one older sister.

Kelsey: What was your childhood like? 

Sheila (Kelsey’s Mom): I spent a lot of time outside.  We had cows, horses, dogs and cats.  I loved the outdoors.  I spent many hours outside playing with the dogs and cats.  

Kelsey: What were your jobs on the farm? 

Sheila (Kelsey’s Mom): I helped plant the garden, I picked many buckets of raspberries, strawberries, and peas, and fed the dogs and cats.  In the house I dusted and vacuumed, and baked.  When I got older, I helped my brother move irrigation pipe and build fence. 

Kelsey: Where did you meet my Dad? 

Sheila (Kelsey’s Mom): We met in Moose Jaw, where we were both going to tech school. 

Kelsey: What did you take in school? 

Sheila (Kelsey’s Mom): I took computer aided drafting. 

Kelsey: Can you tell me about your kids? 

Sheila (Kelsey’s Mom): I have two boys and a girl, who are all grown up.

Kelsey: How long have you lived in Camrose? 

Sheila (Kelsey’s Mom): It will be 23 years in August.

Here is some more information on PVC that I found on the internet.

I have learned to be safe with coffee and stay healthy, no caffeine in your drinks! I hope you learned something today about your heart and your health reading this blog. I sure did!

Thanks to my wonderful Mom, and friend for this interview and this information.


2 thoughts on “My Mom and her PVC

  1. Sharon Maurer says:

    Thank you Kelsey for all this great information. I have a heart murmur because I have low iron in my blood all my life. I just recently read in a health book that i should not drink caffeine because it lowers your iron even more. so i quit caffeine a week ago. I feel better already. Thank you Kelsey all your blogs have good information.
    Grandma Sharon


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