Taylor and his experience with Covid

I met Taylor through my brother Joel and his group of friends! My Mom said that I should interview him and this experience with Covid! He lives in Edmonton as an OT so it was hard to get a picture of us!  Taylor is nice person and was very friendly to me and everyone that he knows! I hope you enjoy reading this blog and his experience with covid and his experience as a physiotherapist.

Kelsey: How did you know that you had Covid?

Taylor: I first suspected that I had Covid when I was feeling unwell in September, I later became more worried when I noticed that my sense of taste was dulled. I soon had my suspicions confirmed by the results of a PCR test the next day.

Kelsey: What were your symptoms and how long did they last?

Taylor:  I found that my symptoms were similar to a really bad cold, additionally I had significant fatigue and a loss of taste and smell. Most of my symptoms gradually improved over 10 days but some have continued to linger, I still have some issues with strenuous exercise.

Kelsey: Are you vaccinated?

Taylor:  I’m happy to say that I am; I was double vaxxed when I caught Covid and have since received my third dose.

Kelsey: What’s your reply to people who say vaccinations don’t work because you can still get Covid?

Taylor:  Great question Kelsey, I’ve had a few conversations on this topic. I like to compare vaccinations to wearing your seatbelt: it may not completely prevent an injury in a car accident, but it can certainly reduce the severity of the incident. I’m grateful to have been vaccinated when I got sick as my experience could have been much worse. I’d encourage anyone with vaccination questions to ask a trusted healthcare worker about their concerns.

Kelsey: Do you know how you caught Covid? Where were you working at the time?

Taylor:  I’m pretty confident that I caught Covid at work as I tend to be around some very sick individuals. It’s hard to ever be certain of exposures as rates were quite high at the time, but I was working in an ICU environment where Covid was very prevalent.

Kelsey: What is your current job?

Taylor:  I’m currently working as a Physiotherapist at the Royal Alexandra Hospital; this provides me opportunities to work with some incredible colleagues and help a diverse group of people.

Kelsey: What is your education?

Taylor:  I completed a Masters of Science in Physiotherapy from the University of Alberta, and previously received a Bachelor’s of Science at Augustana Campus.

Kelsey: What are your hobbies?

Taylor:  In my spare time I still like to shoot some hoops, play a little music, and get together with friends (in whatever creative form restrictions permit). I’ve enjoyed finding new outdoor activities last summer and I hope to be thrown off my bike less next year.

Kelsey: Where did you grow up?

Taylor:  I grew up in Camrose AB, a rural community southeast of Edmonton.


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