A snowy and cold winter wonderland won’t leave us alone. I’m looking forward to spring and summer. February and March 2022!

 I made valentines cards for the teams from Camrose Association For Community Living! My mom did my fingernails Valentine’s Day themed.

For Valentine’s Day there was a Valentine’s Day dance at Centra Cam and we watched Marry Me on demand on Valentine’s Day evening. I made Valentine’s Day poster at Centra Cam about the love languages.

For Theresa’s birthday presents we went to the Beauty and the Beast play on the 1st weekend in February which was awesome. We watched the actual movie before we saw the play while playing Candy Land it was my Christmas present from Craig! I helped my staff clean my fishbowl.

For Theresa’s birthday we went out with Maryann, for lunch and then we had DQ ice cream cake for dessert! Theresa got flowers from her sister and brother and sister-in-law and balloons from Kat.   She had a great day, she even got to go swimming with Maryann in the evening on her birthday!

The last weekend in February we spring cleaned out my room and donated items. We drove them to the donation bin with Centra Cam!

In March we started doing my favourite Job the School presentations on google meet.  They are going really well except for the computer issues. My favourite part is answering the questions from the students and getting feedback from the students and teachers.

My mom and our girlfriends went to Fox n Fable on a Saturday afternoon.

My Mom and I made brownies on Sunday afternoon, we ate them with ice cream and chocolate sauce. My mom gave me a facial.

 We played name that Irish tune on one Friday night with Rose club!

We played St. Patrick’s Day bingo on a Friday evening with Rose Club and I got four corners.

On St. Patrick’s Day we had a school presentation, and I went home for green blueberry pancakes with sausage.

We had Rose Club Radio on Saturday night, Theresa and I had a great time listening to music and funny sayings on the radio.

 We celebrated our brother Joel and Ashley’s birthday party on Sunday night with Skyway Chinese food and we had caramel cheesecake for dessert. Joel’s birthday is March 19 and Ashley’s birthday is March 28.  Happy birthday Ashley and Joel!   After they left, we watched Chasing Happiness with the Jonas brothers and a few weeks ago we watched Black Shelton Country Voice. 

 I wasn’t able to get to my parent’s house during the week because they were getting ready for new cupboards and appliances in the kitchen and they took some walls out.

We are excited about Grandpa Ray coming in April! He’s a super good helper with the Cupboards and we appreciate it! I think we might be having Easter with him!  

On Friday evening we had Rose Club Craft night. We did water colour paint flowers and birds. It was Super duper fun evening.

I hope you had a good February and March. I hope you enjoyed my blog see you next time. ~ Kelsey


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