Easter Traditions of Friends and Family… Hoppy Easter!

On  Good Friday we would go to church service in the morning after church service we would dry eggs with food colouring . When I was younger, we would have a scavenger hunt after church on Easter Sunday afternoon.  My mom would make up clues and then we would hunt Easter eggs and usually a Easter Chocolate Bunny.  We would go around the house and then we would go into the backyard. Now that we are older, we may get a small bunny and chocolate eggs.  My roommates and I usually get to colour eggs sometime on Easter weekend.

 Cherilyn- Our Easter Tradition is for the kids to color eggs and then the Easter Bunny hides them in our yard (pray the dogs don’t find them first!) The kids find them and then they find their Easter Gift. We usually have a turkey dinner with family. The kids love doing it and I hope they continue to do it for a few more years! Here is a picture from last year.

Kathleen- We did the 40 days for lent. Giving up one thing we each chose. Easter vigil mass. Egg hunt on the Sunday followed by breakfast. Decorated and dyed Easter eggs. We always used crayons and dipped them in vinegar water with food coloring added. Sunday mass, and we usually made a ham for supper with scalloped or mashed potatoes.  This year I’m going to visit my sister in BC with some of the family too.

Mary Ann – Chocolate bunnies and family get together!!! We eat a big meal… turkey, ham and all the fixings!!!

Marisa-   My kids get to do a scavenger hunt!

Gale –   Just dinner.  I hope to have grandchildren someday so will go back to doing Easter Egg Hunts.

 Jessica- We like to decorate eggs and we like hide chocolate eggs around the house.

Danielle- When I was younger, we would decorate eggs and go on an Easter egg hunt Sunday afternoon after church. Now we just go to church on Friday and Sunday and eat a big dinner with family. Easter tends to be around final exam season, so we don’t tend to do anything too exciting as I am usually busy studying.

Janet – Not really any traditions, we just like to get together as a family and cook and have a wonderful meal together and play games 😀

Amy – Not really. I would say the only one we still maintain is to have family time, usually a dinner.

Ashley and Joel – We always have an egg hunt at my uncle’s farm! It started when all the cousins were really little. We would all wait in the bedroom in their little trailer while the adults hid all the treats. Now they add riddles into the hunt and make it hard because we’re all adults! After the egg hunt, we all play football and eat way too much food. I’ve missed it for the past few years, but this year we are flying home for it!

Candace- I usually do an egg hunt with my kids. This year we are going to my dad’s.

Elyse  –  Easter is my moms absolute favorite Holiday so we always go big celebrating it! We spend the whole weekend together, starting Thursday night we celebrate Sedar, which is a traditional Jewish Holiday, and what Jesus would have been celebrating with his disciples at the last supper. Then we go to church on Good Friday, we have an Easter vigil service on Saturday where we act out different Bible stories (so much fun and so many laughs). Then we go big on Sunday with an Easter egg hunt for the kids, and a big dinner of Ham and all the fixings and home-made lemon meringue pie for dessert.

Karlina-   We make paska and celebrate Passover and go to the Good Friday service and Sunday morning church, lots of family time.

Anne – Growing up, my dad was a teacher and spring break was a big time to rest before diving into the last few months of school. Easter usually involved visiting my grandma, having some kind of egg hunt, and singing Easter songs. I remember it being a very relaxed family occasion. It’s fairly similar now with my kids.

Alexandria – We usually have a big family easter hunt with all the cousins and then a big family meal.

Glenda- We have a Easter eggs hunt with the grandkids, go to the Easter Sunday church service and have Easter dinner with the family.

Karli – We used to go to my dad’s house when we lived in Ontario. Now that we live in Camrose, we always have a scavenger hunt for the kids and go to my mom’s house for Easter dinner. The kids would get new raincoats, rain boots candy, and colouring books.

Jennifer- Colouring Easter eggs and scavenger hunt!


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