Me and My Mental & Physical Health

Canadian Mental Health Week is May 2-8 I came up with some interview questions and sent them to the staff at CAFCL. Each day of Mental Health Week I will share a different person’s interview. If you want more information on Mental Health the Canadian Mental Health website.

How do you make a person happy?

For me, I have to be busy. When Covid hit the world I got really sad and I would be disappointed because I couldn’t go to my parent’s house every Sunday night for 5 months so it was very hard for me because my love language is quality time with family and friends is very important for me! For me FaceTime kept me going on and moving on! I think I would have gone nuts without my iPad for that 5 months of my life. Good thing that I have a blog, because that kept me busy doing a blog every other week.

How do you enjoy your workday?

Doing the activities I love doing at Centra cam! I enjoy the dance workout videos on the Xbox. I love doing my learning broad but it’s hard to do it because I’m only at Centra cam twice mornings a time. I enjoy playing games with a group of friends. My favourite game is money doesn’t grow on trees with a group of friends. My day changed a lot, When Centra cam closed for a whole year, it was hard to keep busy. Good thing my best friend Teresa and I exchanged Christmas/ birthday the weekend before Centra cam closed and then I got colouring books, markers and highlighters with word searches books. Then my doctors said that I seat too long and my back is hurting because of it, so I needed to lay down every afternoon before getting my new wheelchair. Now I roll on my mat and go into my walker!

What’s it like to seat all day? Does your back get sore?

It’s very hard to seat all day. That’s why I like walking in my walker or rolling on my mat.

Do you like to work out?

Yes, I enjoy workouts and getting outdoors for a walk.

Do you have a good diet?

Yes, I’m tube feeding! So I have a good diet.

If you have a bad day what are your tips for making it better?  

If I have a bad day, I like to be by myself and colouring or do word searches.

Do you enjoy the company with friends at lunchtime and coffee time?

I do enjoy coffee time and lunchtime with my friends.

Do I smoke or do drugs?

No. I try to keep my physical health and issues to myself, and just try my best to have a good mood!

How do your sleeping habits actually matter to your physical health?

I have a good nighttime routine, I like to go to bed at 8:30 or 9 every night.

What was it like with Covid around, was it hard on my physical health?

Yes, but I got to bring my walker back home with me!


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