Alex and His Physical & Mental Health

Physical Health Affects your Mental Health – Mental Health Awareness Week is May 2-8 

How does it make a person feel to be happy? 

Contented, satisfied, at ease.

How do you enjoy your day at work, do you enjoy going on daily walks and workouts? 

I enjoy going for walks, but mostly I enjoy seeing the individuals happy and contented with their day.

Do you have a base diet? 

I try to limit sugars and carbohydrates.

If you have a bad day at work what are your tips for making it better? 

None. I just know that tomorrow is a new day and that yesterdays troubles are behind me. For a really bad day I look to speak with someone (supervisor).

What’s it’s like to sit in a chair all day? 

I feel that I am fortunate here in that I don’t have to sit in a chair all day. I can imagine how sore someone would be from doing this (stiff muscles, aching joints)

Does your back get sore?

Not from sitting, but if I am doing a lot of lifting or bending. I try to stretch first.

How do you keep on moving when you are sitting at the computer all day? 

I don’t get to sit on the computer all day, fortunately. 

Do you enjoy the company of friends at lunchtime? 

I enjoy the company of friends at any time, but typically lunch time for me is spent supporting individuals.

What’s it like with Covid around, was it hard on your physical health?

I feel fortunate that it was not hard on my physical health. It has impacted my mental health though.

How does your physical health matter with your sleeping habits?

I find that I fall asleep faster and have a deeper sleep if I have been physically active (provided I stayed sufficiently hydrated).

How do you keep a happy face on when life is hard and difficult?

This is difficult, but when I am interacting with others, I remind myself that my problems are my own and that they have their own problems to deal with. I find this especially true when supporting individuals. They need to know that I am ok and able to support them mentally and physically so I do not let them know that I am having difficulties. That said, I may take frequent breaks and look for other activities to get my mind off of my problems.

Was it hard to be active when Covid started because gyms and other businesses were closed? 

No, in fact I was probably more active than I was before Covid! I focused on what we could do which included walking outside, and made sure that I did lots of that!

Were you able to work out at home or at the park on a sunny warm day?

I did lots of walking with the individuals I support, friends, family or just by myself.


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