Karen and Her Mental and Physical Health

How does it make a person feel to be happy?  

​When you are happy it is good for the heart and the soul, so good for our mental and physical well-being. 

How do you enjoy your day at work, do you enjoy going on daily walks and workouts?  

​I enjoy my days at work by always trying to share a smile or a laugh. I enjoy walks with friends. 

Do you have a base diet?  ​

For some reason anyone I know would say my base diet is potato chips but I really do eat a good variety of foods. 

If you have a bad day at work what are your tips for making it better?  ​

Try to take your mind off of it by talking to a friend or loved one about something happy, fun or exciting. 

What’s it’s like to sit in a chair all day?  

​I do not know, I don’t sit all day in a chair, I need to move around often. 

Does your back get sore?  

Yes, but that’s because I’m getting old ☺️

How do you keep on moving when you are sitting at the computer all day?  

​I make a point of getting up about every hour and take a little walk. 

Do you enjoy the company of friends at lunchtime?  

​I usually work through and eat my lunch unless it’s nice outside then I enjoy company. 

What’s it like with covid around, was it hard on your physical health? 

​I didn’t get as much ​exercise as I normally would. 

How does your physical health matter with your sleeping habits? ​

The more exercise I get the better I sleep. 

How do you keep a happy face on when life is hard and difficult? 

I’ve been trying to work on this for 17 years now, I try really hard to think of the positive things in life that I am blessed with, for instance I still have my Mom who will be 90 years old in September this is a blessing. 

Was it hard to be active when Covid started because gyms and other businesses were closed?  

​For me not so much. 

Were you able to work at home?

Yes, I was able to work at home, the isolation of not seeing your co-workers was difficult for me, but in the winter not having to leave the house when it was 40 below was kind of nice. 


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