Karli and Her Mental and Physical Health

Physical Health Affects your Mental Health – Mental Health Awareness Week is May 2-8

Do you have a base diet?

I don’t follow a diet by any means, but I eat in moderation. I find if I restrict the foods I allow myself then I tend to binge eat or over eat.

If you have a bad day at work what are your tips for making it better?

The people I work with usually can tell when I am off or having a difficult day, they can usually make me laugh by telling a joke, or just getting my mind off of what is going on.

What’s it’s like to sit in a chair all day?

It’s tough, it puts a lot of strain on your shoulders and back.

How do you keep on moving when you are sitting at the computer all day?

I set my apple watch to go off every 45 minutes to give me a reminder to get up and walk around. I’ll usually walk down the hall or go do a task.

Do you enjoy the company of friends at lunchtime?

I like to be alone at lunch time, I usually read or do something relaxing as I don’t get much time to myself these days.

What’s it like with covid around, was it hard on your physical health?

COVID was definitely hard on my physical health, I think a lot of people just got in a slump and it was hard to get out of it.

How does your physical health matter with your sleeping habits?

I find if I am more active throughout the day, the better I sleep at night. When I’m not as active I tend to toss and turn at night or sometimes have problems falling asleep.

How do you keep a happy face on when life is hard and difficult?

I don’t like when people see me upset so a lot of the time I do put on a happy face, I just try to remind myself that how I am feeling is just temporary and things will get better. Just take one step at a time

Was it hard to be active when Covid started because gyms and other businesses were closed?

VERY! I found that I sometimes tend to go to a store just to walk around and have time away from my kids. With COVID happening that made this quite hard to do.


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