Rebecca and Her Mental & Physical Health

How does it make a person feel to be happy?   

To be happy makes me feel warm and safe. When I am happy I feel free and not weighed down as much by negative aspects of my life. The bad things don’t (and aren’t) seem so bad. 

How do you enjoy your day at work, do you enjoy going on daily walks and workouts?   

I enjoy my day at work by making sure I accomplish all my tasks and do a good job on them. I also enjoy my day at work by getting to know all the individuals and laughing with them / sharing memories with them. I take pride in a job well done and love spreading happiness. 

I do enjoy going on daily walks. My dogs do as well. Sometimes they push me to get outside (even if it’s cold) 

Do you have a base diet?   

My base diet would consist of eggs, vegetables, chicken / pork, popcorn and water 

If you have a bad day at work what are your tips for making it better?   

If I have a bad day my tips to make it better would be to get outside, take a nap, or spend time doing something that makes you happy (reading, drawing, writing etc) Also, pet a dog if you can, that always helps me (or any animal, animals help me) 

What’s it’s like to sit in a chair all day?  Does your back get sore?   

To sit in a chair all day can be tough, my back does get sore. I like to change positions frequently, be mindful of my posture and try to remember to stretch periodically when sitting all day.

Do you enjoy the company of friends at lunchtime?   

I do enjoy the company of friends at lunch. Eating is a very social activity in my family, so that can be tough when you live alone or COVID keeps people apart 

What’s it like with covid around, was it hard on your physical health?  

COVID has affected my physical health because I used to go to the gym and now I don’t. I need to get better at working out at home and improve my motivation. 

It was not that difficult physically for me when COVID began, however, the pandemic has affected my mental health sometimes. The closures of businesses, the inability to see family and friends. The fear of the unknown in a pandemic. The jeopardizing of my source of income all weighed heavily on me. That in turn then affected my physical health. 

Working out outside was possible, and I preferred to get outside as much as possible when the weather is nice. 

How does your physical health matter with your sleeping habits?  

Sleep affects my physical health because I do not have the energy to participate in activities when I am tired and tend to snack more. 

Sleep is very important to me, if I don’t have enough sleep it is more difficult to maintain my happy face and troubles seem more troubling. I am a strong believer in getting enough rest. Getting enough sleep can change your perspective on many things. 

Yes, my days will feel long and more stressful if I am not well-rested 

I don’t need coffee in the morning, but I enjoy the quiet time that drinking coffee in the morning brings. 

To avoid bad habits, I could take more consideration of my physical and mental wellbeing. I could also surround myself with people who have the good habits that I wish I had. 

How do you keep a happy face on when life is hard and difficult?  

I maintain a happy face because I have the power to make my day better and actively choose to not let my poor mood affect another person’s day. Happiness is contagious. 


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