Kathleen and her Mental & Physical Health

How does it make a person feel to be happy?

It feels like you have a bright light inside of you, keeping you warm and smiling. It also makes you feel like you have purpose that is greater than yourself. I find when you’re happiest, it also bubbles out into other people’s lives, because yoi can’t help but smile at people and be warm towards others.

How do you enjoy your day at work, do you enjoy going on daily walks and workouts?

I usually enjoy my days at work. I always try to keep busy, as it helps the day pass by. I also try to keep the people I work with and for engaged and entertained during the day. The best kind of work is work that you can laugh and make good memories at. I love going for daily walks at work. It helps everyone’s mental states to get out into the sunshine.

Do you have a base diet?

I mostly try to stick to eating foods that have as little processing done to them as possible. High protein intake as well, as it helps me get through the day with energy. Always making sure I’m having a good intake of water, as that really helps flush out any toxins that might be in your system.

If you have a bad day at work what are your tips for making it better?

Doing some controlled breathing to help lower my stress levels. Also just taking a moment to step back and think about the situation before responding. Sometimes I better at this than other times though, haha.

What’s it’s like to sit in a chair all day?

It gets very uncomfortable to sit all day for me. I get very antsy and just want to be up and moving around.

Does your back get sore? Yes, if I’m not remembering to lift properly, or if I don’t do stretches regularly, my lower back can feel sore. It’s never enough to stop me from getting things done though, more just an annoyance.

How do you keep on moving when you are sitting at the computer all day?

I’ll remind myself to get up for 5 minutes to take a break, walk around and do some stretches, sometimes a yoga move to loosen some muscles.

Do you enjoy the company of friends at lunchtime?

I’m a mixed bag. Sometimes I really love having company on break, we can talk and discuss the day and what’s happening in our lives. Other times I like to just be able to sit out in the sun 🌞 and soak it all in in peaceful silence.

What’s it like with covid around, was it hard on your physical health?

Having covid around was really difficult, mentally physically and spiritually. I had to make a lot of very difficult decisions. Masking was really hard on me as I’m someone that needs to see people’s faces to really understand how they are feeling. I also got very anxious wearing them as I have a bit of a trauma response to things being on my face. I get the same way with makeup, if I have it on it makes me feel almost claustrophobic. But I pushed through and tried my best with it. Just getting outside as much as possible when away from work.

How does your physical health matter with your sleeping habits?

Sleep is soooo so important. One of the best things you can do to make sure you’re staying healthy is to ensure you’re getting enough sleep. And to also make sure it is good quality sleep. If my sleeping habits aren’t at their best, then my routines and ability to workout and eat healthy also goes downhill.

How do you keep a happy face on when life is hard and difficult?

I try to think about the next day, and how it’s an unknown and could be the best day ever. Also talking to a friend, going for a coffee or a walk and just talking about the difficult parts in life. Then after you get all of that out you can talk about happy things and smile and laugh. I also like going for drives and listening to music as it really helps me process and work through difficult emotions or feelings.

Was it hard to be active when Covid started because gyms and other businesses were closed?

It was a little more difficult. But I just did a lot of hiking and walking. Also doing yoga in my home. In 2020 I did yoga every day for about 300 days in a row. It was awesome and helped keep me feeling a little more balanced.

Were you able to work out at home or at the park on a sunny warm day?

I was! I did a lot of bike riding, as wells as hikes and just walking around. It kept me feeling lighter, especially because of all the time in the sun!


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