Beautiful fall weather that feels like a long warm fall ahead. September and October 2022! 

On the second Saturday of September, we went to the dog show at the CRE! It was neat to see how dogs were able to do jumping over top of the bars. This was called the National Police Dog Championships. The dogs show us how they fight a bad guy and how they keep the police officers safe. We enjoyed the show of dog vs police! It was a great afternoon out of the house. There was a ramp and wheelchair accessible seating so I could see everything so clearly!    

On a Tuesday evening it was the Birthday Bash in person for the second time since 2019. It was great to see our friends that we haven’t seen in three years!  We danced and visited with our friends!  It’s been great getting together with Rose Club in person once again!  

One of my goals in September is donate to the food bank. So, my staff Anna and I went to superstore and got some pasta, tomato sauce and some other sauce that we put in the food bank at superstore.  It was a wonderful way to help in our community.  

I did a word search and it was in a shape of a dog.   

My parents got their fridge finally. Their kitchen is almost finished. The kitchen renovation took six months from start to finish! Last step is the new kitchen table and new kitchen chair set that my parents are redoing.  

My grandpa Ray and Sandy moved to Camrose in September from Ontario! It took four days to get to Camrose by driving from Ontario.  We finally have some grandparents in town!  The Holidays won’t be the same!  

On Saturday afternoon was my parent’s 28th wedding anniversary.  For their wedding anniversary my parents started finishing a table.  My mom bought a new table with eight chairs for their kitchen and they are going to paint it brown and black.     

Nicki and I went to Kathleen and Devin’s wedding.  Which was at her friend’s acreage and it was 15 minutes out of town.  We got to sit in the front row because I was the ring bearer, I got to hold their Wedding Rings on a tray and give them to the pastor after they did their vows! I got a manicure for the wedding. It was a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding, The party hour and reception were in white tents by the house.  Nikki and I were seated at a table with our friend Becca and her husband Tyler. It was like an CAFCL reunion with all the people that we knew from CAFCL.   My friend Elise was a bridesmaid, her sister Tamara and her mom Kathy also came to the wedding.  Kathleen’s wedding dress was lovely and very sparkly and Devin looked handsome in his black suit. All the best wishes to the newlyweds, I wish you all the very best in your future together!  It was a beautiful day to celebrate the happiest couple Mrs. Kathleen and Mr. Devin White.  

On Sunday afternoon my mom and I made oatmeal M&M and chocolate chip cookies. Which were tasty and delicious! We walked over to our neighbour and gave some cookies to our friend Rebecca and then after supper we dropped off some more cookies for my Grandpa and Sandy!  

On Tuesday evening, MaryAnn and I went on a long walk to the lake, around the lake, the underground tunnel and back to my house. 

My friend Kelsey got me Brett Young tickets for Wednesday October 19th.

Kelsey, she showed me that her baby Avery finally fits into the outfit that I bought her! Avery looks so pretty in the outfit that I bought her! Can you tell who picked it out?  It looks like Avery is giving me thumbs up in the picture! I think she’s loves her outfit! My mom made her moccasins and we can’t wait until they fit her!     

On Saturday night I watched Sherlock Holmes. Which was quite an interesting movie on Netflix.   

The first week of October we started Special Olympics bowling on Wednesdays!  It was great to see everyone again after three years of no Special Olympics!  

My Auntie Gail gave me a bird and flower colouring book for my birthday, I think it took me a whole week, and a weekend and few days to get it finished! 

My friend Mary showed me that they were reading the book that I bought junior!  She said Junior loved the book that I bought him and it’s a very sweet book.  My friend Mary and I can’t hardly wait until he’s wearing the moccasins that my mom made him. 

We had craft night with Rose Club on Friday night on zoom. We got a bag with a stencil of a cat, different kinds of paper, paints, strings to put our mask on our heads and some glue sticks that were sparkles. We hand drew the stencil on yellow or blue foam and then we got to decorate our mask! I used some stickers and some art and craft glue sticks that were golden sparkles. We let our masks dry overnight, and on Saturday afternoon Anna putted string through the holes on my kitty mask but unfortunately I couldn’t see very well. It was fun to make the mask craft with Rose Club! I did some colouring of a girl, some buildings, a school bus and an fire hydrant! We worked on a frog cross stitch. I made a donation to clothing bins by superstore that were old Halloween costumes. Then, we dropped by Walmart and I bought a picture frame for my cross stitch frog and I got a night grown that I’m going to donate to the women’s shelter next week. I also donated five dollars to the school’s breakfast club at Walmart while I bought my stuff. On Saturday evening we watched the Witches on Netflix, it was a very freaky and very creepy movie. I would definitely recommend NOT to watch it with small children. Please. They might have nightmares and bad dreams.

On Thanksgiving Sunday, we went to Edmonton to Joel and Ashley’s house. Ashley’s sister Kayla and her fiancé Garrett were there, my grandpa Ray and Sandy, my mom, me and my brother Luke. Unfortunately, my dad got a cough so he couldn’t make it. Joel smoked a turkey, and there were cranberries, sweet potatoes, salads and buns! My mom made orange cheese cake squares and apple pie for dessert, and Sandy brought a salad that she made. Everyone went outside and visited while Joel, Ashley and Kayla were getting dinner ready. After dinner we got a group picture on their backyard deck! It was great to see family and get together for the holiday weekend.

On Thanksgiving Monday afternoon I coloured a picture full of wedding dresses, flowers, hearts, picture frames, necklaces, heals, slippers, and purses! I decided to make the wedding dresses different and colourful dresses. I made them look like graduation dresses and prom dresses instead of white wedding dresses! Late in the afternoon we went for tea at my grandpa Ray and Sandy’s new house in town and then we went home for supper and we watched Sister Wives on Discovery +.

On Saturday afternoon I went to world singing day at the college, Augustana Chapel. It was really fun, and we sang some songs. We saw some friends from Camrose Association and some friends from Centra Cam.

On Sunday night we had my grandpa and Sandy over for supper and we played Yahtzee and I won!

I finished my cross stitch frog on Wednesday afternoon.

Then Kelsey and Melissa took me to the Brett Young concert in Edmonton at the Winspear Centre! The SeaForth opened for Brett Young and actually were really good too. We even saw Brett young’s tour bus which was an amazing experience. Brett young’s concert was on my bucket list for 3 years and we loved every minute of it. An huge Thank-you Kelsey and Melissa for taking me and buying wheelchair accessible seating tickets. I had a blast and probably had the best night of my life! I bought a Brett Young hoodie.

On Thursday evening we went to the Camrose Association for Community Living’s charity auction at Camrose Casino and Hotel. There was an live and silent auction which was online! This was 60s themed and there was photo booth cut outs of people and cars. I would have to say Cherilyn did an excellent job decorating and putting everything together for the charity auction! They even had decorations on the back of the chairs! Great work!

On Friday afternoon we decorated the inside of the house for Halloween. Then we watched the Witches movie the new version with the actor Ann Hathaway. It was like the old version. I would recommend small children should watch this movie with their parents. It was less creepy and less freaky than the other version of the Witches movie! On Friday evening we carved pumpkins with Rose Club on Zoom and we learned about Abuse Awareness from Levi! For my pumpkin I took the insides of the pumpkin out, I drew lots of bats, moons, and a lighthouse so I could cut them out, and I did something on every side of my pumpkin. It was really fun to carve pumpkins with Rose Club, learning about Abuse Awareness and getting into the Halloween sprit. 🎃

On Saturday evening Craig, Rebecca and I went to Augustana University to watch the Vikings men’s basketball game and they played Kings University from Edmonton!


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