My Mom and her Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Kelsey: What surgery did you have on your hands?

Sheila: I had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands, three months apart.

Kelsey: What were your symptoms? 

Sheila: When I would go to bed at night my right hand would throb like a toothache from my fingertips to my elbow.  With each heart beat a pain would shoot through.  It was very painful, and I had a hard time sleeping.  The only way to get it to stop was to get out of bed and walk around.  During the day sometimes my hand would go numb.

Kelsey: When did your symptoms start? 

Sheila: They started shortly after moving to Camrose.  We painted every wall, cupboard and closet, and I guess it was too much for my right hand.  I remember kind of a pop in my right hand when I was painting the inside of a cupboard, and it started after that. 

Kelsey: Why did you wait so long for surgery?

Sheila: My kids all lived at home at that time, and I couldn’t really look after them with only one hand. 

Kelsey: Why did you finally have surgery? 

Sheila: The doctor said I needed surgery, or I could lose the use of my hand.  It was pretty bad. 

Kelsey: Did you try anything before surgery to help? 

Sheila: I went to the chiropractor, but that didn’t help.  I also wore a brace on my hand to bed, but it would get tangled in the sheets, and then my shoulder started to hurt. 

Kelsey: Were there certain things that triggered the carpal tunnel? 

Sheila: Any fine motor movements seemed to bother it.  If I sewed on a button, or whisked an egg, I would be up in the night from pain. 

Kelsey: How was the surgery?

Sheila: It wasn’t bad at all!  I was actually awake for the surgery.  My hand was frozen so I couldn’t feel any pain.  All I could feel was some pressure. I knew the nurses in surgery, so we had a little gab session, which was a great distraction. 

Kelsey: How long was your recovery?

Sheila: My stitches were healed up in less than a week. I couldn’t lift anything heavy for a few weeks, but I was able to cook and do my household chores.  If I had known the recovery was that fast, I would have done it years sooner!

Kelsey: How are you hands now since having surgery?

Sheila: They are so much better!  I never wake up with throbbing hands anymore!

Kelsey: Would you recommend this surgery? 

Sheila: Absolutely!!!  Surgery was quick, recovery was quick, and it works!

Here is some information I found on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome if you are interested in reading about it:


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